Luzi root (67) not enough has yet: in Spite of the coke and counterfeit money affair, the SVP wants to move in-national Council, once again to the Parliament. That it no longer wants to see his own party there, don’t bother him: He’s running on a separate list. And uses for his great goal in front of nothing.

In the free newspaper “Badener week” switches trunk a four-page advertisement. He advertises openly with the deceased child’s doctor Beat Richner, such as the “Aargauer Zeitung” writes. Richner (1947-2018) and Margrit Fuchs (1917-2007), who has led a charity in Rwanda, have elected master, means there. If they were still alive.

“they had a very close relationship to Luzi Stamm”, it says in the ad, which was written by a volunteers. The alleged evidence for the close relationship: “Always the Christmas Richner, Fox and stem have spoken on the phone.”

Advertisement is not agreed

This was not the only point of contact, says the root of the VIEW. “We have already met at a rest stop, and I was able to help him in Parliament.” The Advertisement had not been with Richners Relatives or his Foundation that runs a children’s hospital, agreed. Not want to whether election advertising with the dead irreverent is, this issue comment root. “Everyone has to decide for themselves.”

For the Foundation of Beat Richner, the case is clear. “The election advertising is irreverent,” writes President René Schwarzenbach. It is also questionable how close the relationship really was. “The phone conversations between Beat Richner and Luzi Stamm are to me and to the Foundation is not known.”

Nairobi reported from Berne

otherwise, base ad, which is also the title page of the free newspaper, seems bizarre: It contains a letter of a certain Mark Baur (62), is trying to knuckle down on the coke affair to cope. Baur quoted an anonymous crepe-seller in the Federal space. After the base action, there is no drug dealer and more in front of the Federal house of Commons, says this.

the author of The text is running also on the master list. As a place of residence, it is Nairobi in Kenya. “Mark Baur has excited insane when I told him the story of the Crêpe-seller. That’s why he wrote it,” explains root.