The SVP-party newspaper is called “clear text”, but what wrote, SVP national councillor Verena Herzog, a member of the education Commission, there was not only clear, but for many also outrageous: early intervention for children and nurseries reminded you “of the reprehensible ideas, with which the foster children were for a better education away”. Associations of both sides, the former Verdingkinder nurseries children like the children, showed themselves on this comparison, shaken. VIEW criticized, the SVP politician hard. But also in your party, such as from colleague Nadja Pieren, himself the owner of a manger, detached from the Duke. Yesterday it was an Interview with LOOK. However, anyone hoping for words of apology or regret, you will be disappointed.

Verena Herzog: In the Federal government in Bern are efforts in progress, the early promotion of zero – to four-year-old children on a massive scale. In the education Commission was able to give me an answer to no one, what happens with those parents who do not want to send their children in the early intervention. Kindergartens were also voluntary and then mandatory. The same would be for the early promotion fatal. With the comparison, I also warned against state interference in the family.

such A forced but can come at any time – and I warn you, only in front of it. There must also be no implicit moral compulsion, by claiming that the state could provide a better education than families. Parents must not be put under pressure. The state should let his fingers of the children.

sent. Your comparison is odious, because they put into perspective in order the suffering of the foster children.
My intent is exactly the opposite. I want to prevent such suffering, as it had to foster children experience, ever happens again. Parents may never feel more compelled to give their children away. Therefore, I would warn against the introduction of a mandatory early education, which is sought especially by the centre-left parties. You want to compensate for this failed immigration policy.

This is your false interpretation! Day-care centres is an important institution and is necessary for all those parents who can care for their children round – the-clock, and want the idea. But families can decide for yourself, what model you life. The state should none of the models prefer or promote.

Absolutely agree, but to ask without getting even more government funds.

For some children not for others, it may be an asset,. It is firstly the child, secondly, on the Mass and thirdly, the quality of the day care center. One to two days in the kindergarten are mostly in order. For the child’s well-being however, it is certainly not good, if the Little ones spend every day in the crib. In the first three years of life for the child’s development and the important binding capacity constant reference persons are crucial. In some daycare centers the staff changes unfortunately often. There are also studies that show that full-time day-care children are more aggressive and in the development are inhibited. Babies suffering in part fear of loss.

I understand this, especially in times of financial distress. But I can’t understand for the life of me how a mother can voluntarily give up their small children completely “” to continue to work full-time. But I accept that. The foreign assistance should be easily paid for by these families. It is allowed to have, and should not, be demanded from the state – at the expense of those who take care of their children or no children. The creeping nationalisation, I am determined.

The first child was temporarily in the game group, the second a few hours into the painting Studio. The care we were able to solve the family. When I worked, looked at my parents or parents-in-law to the children. Unfortunately, not all families are as lucky, but have to rely on foreign support.