Yes, it burns, but not with us. We are in the middle in the fight against the frame of the contract, and the cohesion of a billion. In the climate-is the question that we keep a cool head. And in the cantons of Zurich, Lucerne and Basel-land, we make a committed election campaign.

situation .
I protest! I’m talking about the situation, never pretty. I am standing for election losses always. But now the party is well on the way. In a large party like the SVP it is always a difficult individual cases, which I regret. I will not let me but our over 70,000 members who stand up every day for the values of freedom and security, bad talk.

This is very unfortunate. But in both cantons, it was a major zwahlen, individual heads. The result is not entirely surprising.

You have to work with the heads you have. We are indeed in a personal change, in a generation, but the promotion is running. Wait for the cantonal elections in the next few weeks and national elections. I was a few weeks ago at the young SVP. Since there are a lot of great smart people, the nachstossen.

The alarm bells shrill loud – but for a different reason. Now, before the elections parties like the SP and CVP show critical of the framework agreement. After the elections, however, we will Only against. If we can mobilize our base in the fight against the de facto accession to the EU, we win the elections.

no, because we are not a wind flag as the FDP, the climate or the EU agreements. On a day the FDP speaks of home, and the next you want to the framework contract immediately and sign it, and on the following terms and conditions. We, however, hold to our course. This will pay off.