The Plot is disgusting – for Christoph Blocher (78) but just right. An Apple, eaten away by the maggots, which are for the other parties: The vermin-poster has revealed the party was a “point landing”, the SVP-Father. “If someone is doing something “Grusiges”, then you have to represent the “grusig”,” he says to the “Zofinger Tagblatt”.

not everyone in his party so. An open revolt against the party leadership, none dares of the SVP cantonal President though. But thrilled they are definitely not.

“I would understand chosen a different Subject,”

“I think that if some people are scared,” says the Bernese SVP-chief Werner Salzmann (56). The proximity to Nazi Propaganda, but was in nobody’s aware of it.

The Lucerne-President Angela Lüthold-Sidler (61) says: “I would probably have chosen a different Subject.” Also, the Swiss artist Thomas Lord of a castle (57) is not the Subject of “the”. It was not his style, other politicians going bad. “I appreciate the hard confrontations with political opponents. But I would like to go with you for a beer.”

The St. Gallen President Walter Gartmann (50) admits, for some cantons, the Subject may be wrong. These are, however, as regards your own campaign. to practice

criticism is a difficult

Clearer critique of the SVP cantonal President. One or the other statement is withdrawn in addition to the read again watered down or back. That says a lot about the style of leadership in the SVP. to practice

criticisms of the national SVP-line, is for the cantonal President, obviously, tricky. While their counterparts in Power with the FDP in terms of, and autonomy from the Central reluctant to let may come at the SVP criticism of the party with impunity from Herrliberg ZH, from the house of Blocher.

Frey, singer defends the Subject of

Rather than the style that does not suit you, talk to the SVP cantonal chiefs, therefore, about the Content: “The most Important thing is that the message comes across,” says the Zurich-based SVP cantonal President Patrick Walder (32). Castle agrees with: “For years, the Left and the Nice destroy along with rip-off managers the proven virtues, values and Strengths of Switzerland.” The wool with the maggots-eaten Apple.

Nevertheless, Oskar Freysinger (59), SVP-election campaign Manager in French-speaking Switzerland, based on the Blocher-line fully. With anti-Semitic Propaganda have to do the picture for nothing, he says. “There’s always the Nazi-Mace swinging is because you have no arguments”, so in the Valais, which once stood in the criticism, because he had hung up at home in his office, a Reich war flag.

Aeschi will have to dig in the archive

And what is the party leadership doing? SVP-group chief Thomas Aeschi (40) has unearthed a poster from the city of Zurich, farmers and civil party – a predecessor of the SVP, the red worm is shown. This symbolized 1933, the socialists and the spades, the party, which wants to do away with. What you want to say Aeschi so that The SVP had not yet arrived from the Nazis on the worm. This makes the Subject of 2019, however, not the less distasteful.