nowadays, When the SVP meets on the sidelines of the special session in Bern, the consequences of the post-car-Bschisses topic. It is about 5.5 billion Swiss francs, which flow annually on subsidies in public transport and its control, which is always more expensive.

Because of the scams in the passenger traffic of the yellow giant, and the errors of the Berne BLS have brought the Federal office for transport (BAV) to re-organise itself, to see the cars better on the Finger. Specifically, the BAV is the subsidy flows at bus and train twice as often check. The BAV requires a staff of eight.

Bourgeois Füglistalers approach

welcome Even if service Director Peter Füglistaler (59) assured yesterday that the employees cost in his office half as much as those of the Auditors, but twice as good of work performed, leads to the increase in expenditures. These are likely to be from the point of view of observers, is much higher than that of Füglistaler estimated Million.

Bourgeois politicians are still convinced that the action of the Federal office is the right one. And also, that the Chance is great to find other transport companies irregularities.

polluters should bleed

not supposed to bleed for the mistakes of the transport company from the point of view of the SVP, the taxpayers, but post-car & co. “The BAV makes an important and correct step. And for this it needs more people, and there are more costs,” says SVP-transport politician Ulrich Giezendanner (65). And for this, the yellow giant had to stand straight.

Although the Post has paid back more than 200 million Swiss francs to high subsidies, and the BLS has planned 30 million francs in return, but because of you the higher costs. The Plan: “The subsidies to the Post office to be reduced by the amount generated by the Federal now cost more.”

And as soon as another transport company blows up due to Subsidy hanky-panky, should also know this is a subsidy reduction. Giezendanner brings his project into the SVP-group is – and that’s where it falls on fertile ground. National councillor Roland Rino Büchel (53): “I support this idea.”

group chief Aeschi is in the same boat

but Above all, Giezendanner know his Faction leader Thomas Aeschi (40): “The failings of the post-car shall not cause the Federal costs will rise, but it must be so that the post auto-paid division for their own mistakes.”

And another SVPler signaled sympathy, but wants to hear how the plans look in more Detail. Only anonymous, he says: “It is good, if you look closely, even in the case of the SBB. This is a sweeps in the regional transport subsidies, and it is difficult to control, whether because it is not permitted to drain subsidy money into other sectors.”

Sukkurs from the FDP

Also from other parties Sukkurs. FDP national councillor Thierry Burkart (43) supported in the case of the BAV. And he also says: “The more effort, the Federal must be borne by the cost causer.”