If tracts of land are desert, coastline erosion, and Islands sink into the sea, whose inhabitants are on the search for a new home.

In Switzerland, not to lie! The SVP national Council Thomas Matt (53). Zurich has therefore tabled last week, a procedural request that any climate wants to stop refugees at the border. He asks specifically that “so-called environmental or climate refugees from the refugee concept in asylum law”. This means that you will get no asylum in Switzerland.

climate change is not a reason for Asylum

environmental disasters and climate change do not apply today, reasons as an Escape. Matt, however, want to prevent them: “We have several indications that in particular the Green to be active, to get climate refugees in the country,” he says to VIEW. For example, Green party leader, Balthasar Glättli (47) a rich many initiatives on the topic of asylum.

Matt is sure: “Under the guise of climate change, the borders will be opened even more. But we say: So we can wear our nature, no more worry. Strange that the Greens do not see it.”

home to send back – but to where?

Matt also refers to international Trends, where climate and migration is becoming stronger would be discussed. In fact, about the introduction of the Paris climate agreement, which has also signed with Switzerland, suggests that States must fulfil their obligations towards migrants as a result of climate change urgently. And also in the controversial UN-migration Pact, there is a Chapter on climate change.

Matt not only requires that climate change is not a reason for Flight, but also that asylum seekers should be managed from these regions back home. The only question is: Where? For example, if the first island States are sinking in the sea and Greenland coastal villages suffer from massive Erosion?

Matt is for sure: The Maldives, it is yet for a while

Matter waves: The first UN climate change report of 1990, for example, predicted that there will no longer be the Maldives by 2020. “I asked recently in a travel Agency. They told me I could safely book for next year,” he says.

however, it Is not strange that the party, which denies the existence of climate change, to exclude this as a reason for Flight only? Matt disagrees: “no one in the SVP denies climate warming. We have only to ask whether the warming is solely due to man-made CO2 emissions. And rightly so,” he says. “In the meantime hundreds of billions of dollars to be redistributed on the basis of this alleged fact.”

Glättli not countered with glacier-Initiative

Balthasar Glättli stresses at the request of a VIEW that climate change and environmental damage are not reasons for Flight, to the extent that there is a need for this proposal. “But if Thomas-Matt has such a Worry about the climate refugees, he can support us with a grippy climate politics.” Glättli says. He went straight to the podium and to send Matt a signature sheet for the glacier-Initiative. “I invite You, to support solutions to stir up place of fear,” writes Glättli in the accompanying letter. “The faster, the better.”