in 2015, the dominant themes in the election campaign, this year they have receded into the Background: asylum and immigration. To the dismay of the SVP, had to laugh during the election campaign so far anyway, bit of fall.

On Monday, she now gets a Chance to plow, finally, your favorite theme so right: The national Council debated the afternoon until late in the evening, your Initiative “For a sensible immigration”.

For the people’s party is such a debate less than five weeks before the elections is a blessing. And a Chance, this really cannibalize. In it, she has a lot of experience. In the debate about the implementation of the mass immigration Initiative of the SVP politician 2016 schindeten even more time, by asking each other questions, respectively, steep passes provided, so that the speakers could still ranting against the “violation of the Constitution”.

No theaters, no überrissene talk time

the debate on The self-determination Initiative of the SVP resembled 2018, finally, a theatre. Group chief Thomas Aeschi (40) made his debut at the lectern with a doll, Andreas Glarner (56) to seal the mouth.

What leads to the SVP, this time in the shields? Nothing like party chief Albert Rösti (52) insurance. You’ll fight with all our strength for the Initiative and a 10-million-Switzerland warn.

Switzerland is in fact growing due to the immigration of more – but less quickly than before. So, the net immigration – immigration fell to less emigration – since the adoption of the mass immigration Initiative in 2014 steadily and has stabilised now at around 54’000 individuals.

All against SVP

Although the new Immigration Initiative, the national Council doesn’t stand a chance – not a politician of any other party supports it – is planned to be an hour-long debate. 81 people have registered, half of them are SVPler. This will, however, be limited to a brief Statement of two minutes, as Rösti insured.

Also 17 SP-national councils will inveigh against the termination Initiative. And this time, it was the social Democrats that will make for slapstick. You use the debate to raise money for the election campaign. With a “Bullshit Bingo”. People can donate on the SP Homepage of money – an amount per “senseless SVP-the standard phrase”.

members of Parliament, where the desire to have these late-night Immigration passes squabbling, at least have a good reason for a short absence: During the debate a tasting of African Beers is taking place in the Federal house.