Sviridov said the reason for her divorce from her husband an American

Alena Sviridova in the program “the Destiny of man” revealed the reason for the divorce with the second husband – an employee of the us Embassy Henry Peacock. The star admitted that all the fault of her reverie.

Sviridov met Peacock during a reception at the American Embassy. According to the singer, they immediately noticed each other.

Struck up a friendship, then relationship. The couple married in the Caribbean.

“you claim to love. In General, there was no need to swear, of course,” said the artist.

The marriage lasted two years. Sviridov said that is always in a state of detachment from reality. Then she demanded her husband’s “unearthly love”.

“I’m always in the clouds. Don’t really understand real life. I like her, much less invented. Sometimes nitpicking”, – said the singer.

The actress stressed that once threatened the wife with divorce. In the end, they broke up. While Sviridov stressed that the family values for her are not fundamental, so it does not feel “sad at parting with men.”