Svetlana Viktorovna, Crimea is now not only the peak tourist season, but the boom of private housing. But the cost of supplying to the gas network (for example, for a private home – 100 thousand rubles) and time (1.5 years), of course, people are not satisfied. Is it possible to improve the situation and how?

Svetlana Razvorotneva: Indeed, the timing and cost of connecting to the gas network caused fair indignation of people in all regions. In our country, the largest importer of gas, according to the Ministry of energy, access to this resource have no more than 68 percent of households. Until recently, the rate of gasification was not more than one percent a year.

At the same time happy citizens, waiting for when mains gas is coming to their cities and towns were forced to pay huge amounts of money. The official connection fee is relatively small.

for Example, in the suburbs a connection to the gas is 40-60 thousand rubles, for electricity – less than $ 1000. However, in reality the consumer is forced to pay for the services of middlemen, promising to speed up the process, additional services, to buy equipment from recommended suppliers. As a result, connection to gas can cost several million rubles.

to Change the situation demanded the President of Russia. 31 may 2020, published a list of his assignments, in accordance with which the Government of the Russian Federation together with Executive authorities of the regions and with the participation of Gazprom ordered to identify the sources of funding for the free connection of citizens to distribution networks. And adopt mandatory standards to the list, timing and methods of determining the cost of performing engineering works on the gas supply, including its minimal set and service. Their proposals, the government should submit to the President by October 1. Let’s hope that they will make the gas more accessible to the public.

On the power grid, the situation is more calm?

Svetlana Razvorotneva: as for the connection to the grid, here the situation is generally much more prosperous.

And to protect their legitimate interests, citizens must demand from retail and grid companies to obey the laws established the law price. Not to succumb to the pressure of unscrupulous middlemen and artists. In extreme cases, to protect the citizens always rise to the prosecution.

Some dacha cooperatives in the Saratov region provider almost three times increased the cost of water. People can do to change this?

Svetlana Razvorotneva: unfortunately, suburban cooperatives are legal entities, they are not rasprostranyalisI requirements to limit payments for utility resources provided to the citizens. Fortunately, in the case of water, the truckers always have a choice. If you are not satisfied with the rate offered by centralized water supply, you can always drill in the village’s own well.

In Saransk to combat the spread of coronavirus, the municipality recommended that management companies (MC) to disinfect the entrances of apartment buildings. All is good, but UK started to do this work, spending the funds collected for the maintenance and repair of the house. Is it legal?

Svetlana Razvorotneva: a minimal list of works on maintenance and current repair works on disinfection are not available. They were not included in the approved rate. Respectively, and to raise the tariff in connection with the additional costs management company are not allowed.

At the meetings devoted to this problem, the Ministry of the Russian Federation encouraged the regions to provide management companies help in carrying out disinfection. However, in most cases, such assistance did not cover all costs incurred by the criminal code.

today there are no legal instruments for the abolition of the repairs and maintenance works planned on the house. And if the Board will closely monitor the work of the UK in a timely manner to sign the acts of acceptance, the management company will be obliged to fulfil all obligations.

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