The Dutch schaatsvedette to take the Job, Who’s going to the winter Olympic Games in 2022 in the world. The 33-year-old Friesian, has the contract for the Jumbo Visma, with a two-year period. Kramer, who is all of four Games for the party, held at the future and the past period of time, which is always open. He wanted to take the year by year.

“We’re still in a period of two years, the Olympic Games in Beijing, there is still a lot that you can do,” says Kramer. “It would be great to be able to have my career with an olympic gold medal to a close.”

The ten-fold of European and negenvoudig world champion all-round, has three olympic titles in the 5 km in your possession. In the overflowing hall of fame of Who is missing only an olympic gold medal in the 10 km. In 2010, in Vancouver, there was a mishap when he was in the wrong job, took it, and four years later, it was Subject to in-Sochi have beaten his fellow countryman Jorrit Bergsma. In 2018, South Korea, threw the Fries at all, and he put his hand on the long distance in addition to the medals. He said that this will “normally” be his last game.

now, Who in the twilight of his career and, increasingly, to deal with physical problems, especially in the back. Was able to be the master for the past season, both on the european CHAMPIONSHIP as the world CHAMPIONSHIP distances, in silver, to deal in the 5,000-meters. Also, to spare, Who at the world cup, with Marcel Bosker, and Douwe de Vries, a world record for the gold medal in the ploegachtervolging.
Who will be the colors of the Jumbo-Visma to defend a Photo: BELGAIMAGE

“My season started out a little less, but in the end I got it after the turn of the year, a number of beautiful things to see. If you are in the world cup range, but the five-tenths of the winner of the ending, saying that, I think, is enough,” said Kramer. “My biggest motivation is the pleasure I get out of the skating stroke. I still have it, so I don’t see any reason for them to stop. In spite of the victories that I have achieved, I am still supergemotiveerd. I’m looking forward to the next two years, there are things to do to get the most out of it.”

as a Coach, Jac Orie, is also pleased with the renewal of the Subject, which he joined in 2014 have have have. “The job is to be a great champion, and I find it to be a lot of fun for the coming two seasons and still have to work with him. If we are physically well, able to keep up, and I’m convinced that he’s in the next few years, peak performance can deliver.”

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