Anita Buri (40), Tama Vakeesan (31), Jan Oliver Bühlmann (31) and Sven Epiney (47) have to ask at the weekend for the “May I?”-Finale from next Saturday (SRF 1, 20.10) qualified. And even if Epiney behind Bühlmann (124 points) and Vakeesan (80), with 66 points, ended up “only” on rank 3, it is clear: The Moderator’s role in the SRF-dance show in the favorites.

In contrast to Bühlmann and Buri, who saved himself with 47 points just to the final Quartet, white Epiney perfect, what facial Expressions and Gestures in front of the TV cameras. He is galant and expressive. Also, if the body voltage is going on, according to the Jury, often. And in retrospect, shows: TV-awareness promoted in such dance shows, the chances of winning massive. Last spring, SRF quiz moderator Susanne Kunz (40) won the competition. Its predecessor, the singer Fabienne Louves (32), which in 2007 won the SRF-Format to the “music star”.

Also in Germany and Austria, TV helps-awareness

A glance in the neighboring countries, confirms the Trend: The trophy of the German Format “Let’s Dance” on RTL 2018 TV Moderator Ingolf Lück (60). Its predecessor 2014 singer Alexander Klaws (35), the 2003 title holder in the first season of “Germany seeks the Superstar” to listen to the currently in the knee-Musical. And in the ORF shows as “Currently in Austria, triumphed in “Dancing Stars” Martin Ferdiny (53), ORF-Moderator of News”.

“Essential for the dance performance”

When SRF is emphasized: “the key factor for the Further of the candidates, especially the dance performance, which will be evaluated by the audience and the Jury to 50 percent.” The popularity with the viewers is likely to be for Epiney certainly not a stumbling block.

in 2018, objected to an audience, the participation of Susanne Kunz, due to a possible competitive advantage through their SRF-awareness. Ombudsman Roger Blum (74), however, could “see no violation of the Radio and television act” and therefore saw “no reason to support the complaint”. Kunz have been convinced by their dance performance. What is also Epiney absolutely not the case.