In the diesel scandal, investigators at Opel are due to suspicion of fraud in connection with diesel vehicles for clean-up moved in.

A spokesman for the Hesse land criminal police office confirmed that “there is police action at Opel.” This had started in the morning. Details of the speaker of the LKA are not mentioned.

Opel reported in a statement of “studies in the context of a determination procedure on the subject of emissions” at the locations in Rüsselsheim and Kaiserslautern. The car maker is adamant that its vehicles comply with the applicable regulations.

According to “Bild online” affected 95.000 vehicles of the models of the Insignia, Zafira and Cascada for the years 2012, 2014 and 2017.

last July, “the official hearing against Opel”

In July, the Federal transport Ministry in Berlin, “confirmed an official hearing against Opel”, due to three vehicle models. According to reports, the reason – as already is the case with other car manufacturers should have been – a suspicion of manipulation in the cleaning of exhaust gases.

Opel should speak thus to the functioning of a shut-off device. With such function, the cleaning of exhaust gases may be reduced in certain driving situations or conditions such as lower temperatures or speeds. “The outcome of this consultation may be to the inadmissibility of the shut-off means nothing to conclude”, said a Ministry spokesperson at the time.

the auto maker establish connection facilities with the so-called motor protection, especially in cold or heat. In many models, but there are doubts as to whether this is really necessary. If the exhaust gas purifier is not working properly, launch the Diesel more harmful oxides of nitrogen. Since air limit values are exceeded in many cities, threatening bans on driving diesel cars.

Prosecutor’s office had pre-investigation set

In contrast to other car manufacturers, was Opel so far, the target of legal investigations and had yet to call any vehicles. The Frankfurt public Prosecutor’s office had set preliminary investigations more than a year ago.

VW had given in September of 2015, to have emissions tests at more than ten million diesel cars tampered with. In Germany alone, the group had to pay a fine of one billion euros. In the USA, VW should have in the context of a comparison of around four billion euros paid to the settings of criminal law and to seek civil lawsuits.

Here you will find an Overview of the chronology of the diesel scandal.

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