she raves about to this day by David Bowie (†69). “It was like being in Paradise with him, maybe because we both had the same zodiac sign. It felt as if we had known each other always,” says Susi Wyss (80). 45 years ago now. But how do you get a Star like Bowie to bed? Wyss laughs and sounds like a young woman: “If one is funny! Finally, I was ten years older than he is. I was pretty, but no beauty.”

Wyss, Nevertheless, fascinated lady. As a 35-Year-old from Zurich, in the scene of Paris was already a celebrity. In the newly published book, “Guess Who is the Happiest Girl in Town?” (dt. “Who is the happiest girl in the city?”) she takes no sheet before the mouth. In their Paris apartment she invited to Dinner parties there and really enjoyed the jet set not only your cooking skills, but also “hashish, LSD, mescaline, cocaine, love, Sadomasochism”. Also massages “were in the small Pool on the roof terrace on the menu.”

Lyrics by Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop (71) dedicated to Wyss even the Song “Girls”. Therein it means: “Last week in Paree, I was hanging down with Suzee” (dt. “Last week in Paris, I hung around with suzy”). Through him she met at the beginning of the 1970s, in Berlin, David Bowie. Then we met by chance again, Bowie was initially skeptical. “You followed me?” he wanted to know. Wyss remained cool and showed him the cold shoulder, even as he sent a waiter to your table to invite you to a Drink. The should personally come! The pop star was promptly followed – the affair lasted two years.

Bowie wanted Wyss moved with him to Montreux. “But when I go Out, he was rather famous people instead of with me, and I should be at home, waiting for him. I was in Paris by myself a celebrity.”

A true become one of erotic fairy tales

Wyss’ seduction less calculus was more to their nature. “I had to never. The less you want from a man, the more he wants.” Hungry for life she was as a young woman. She was not yet 20 years old when she traveled with her boyfriend to Paris, because you could rent in Zurich as an unmarried Couple is not a hotel room. The first contact with the Rich and Beautiful have had in Saint-Tropez, where it was introduced by an aristocratic Few to the licentious life. From this point on, Susi Wyss reads’ biography in fact, it has become one of erotic fairy tales.

in the Midst of the Swinging Sixties, she celebrated with Playboy Gunter Sachs (†78), and the former Sex Symbol Brigitte Bardot (84), in the summer plan, like in the Pool of the artist Salvador Dalí (†84). “There, you never went to bed alone.” The sweet life could afford Susi Wyss, thanks to the donation of three wealthy men. However, her Life went the money flowed, especially in your parties, in shoes and beautiful fabrics. The seamstress sews all her own clothes – remember the skin-tight jumpsuits.

From the Party to the call girl

Supplement To the checkout, recommended one of her lovers, to hüerle an English Lord, “”. He wanted to be her first customer. The Wyss replied spontaneously with a slap, then you got it. “Since I made love, but I rarely fell in love, seemed like the thing to do.” The bill went on, you offered yourself as a call girl, but also arranged girl. “It was all about relationships, I never had a bad experience.”

on her last night in the industry, you had three men, among them actor Omar Sharif and a diplomat of the put your for a special service with 10’000 Swiss francs on the bed. Then, however, was enough: “I was 40 and had no desire to have Sex for money.”

pig roast Sex

one of her close friends, also, the American billionaire son and philanthropist Paul Getty (d. 70). It was he who encouraged her, and her experiences writing it. Eight pounds on a Hermes Baby typed manuscript weighed – in English, according to Wyss, the appropriate language to write about Sex. It is only now that it has become a book, with pictures from another time, “as you stroked still people instead of phones”, says Wyss. “I’m still hunting for pleasure, but the Sex I’ve had enough. The hormones have me flown away.”

Until today, she invites fry in their Paris apartment to her famous pig, the friends have become somewhat less. “Lonely I’m not, I’ve had a good life and regret nothing. Everything I am I owe to the wonderful people who were so generous to me.”