How many coffee and Power bars need an established presenter, a Twelve-hour Monster show through? Susanne Wille (45) admits, laughing, that it goes without. “Actually has me worried a colleague in sports nutrition. Yeah, that helps,” says the Marathon woman. From twelve o’clock until midnight, the Sensitivity is on Sunday for the program “elections of 19” in the Zurich Studio. With this performance, she was already four years ago the secret ballot was in.

However, she clarifies: “A twelve-hour election broadcast team work, not a One-Woman Show is always.” Just in front of the camera, you have to go through alone. Without A Teleprompter. What is the meaning of: “I need to be able to react in a split second, the different starting points and specificities in the cantons of present have – both on the National as Council of States elections.”

A whole wall you have plastered with portraits of all the cantons, heads, list, links, and voters interests. “In the show, I must retrieve it immediately and spontaneously.”

The clock was so great, that to not think of a Tenuewechsel was. “Simply impossible.” You’ll be the case in a “twelve-hour Flipper” – a shipment full of Surprises as 2015.

Nevertheless, she still found time to make crosses. “I filled out the ballot with my 14-year-old son Enea,” says Wille, who is also a mom model. “We designed the party leaflets along the political spectrum.” The son had asked a lot of questions. “That was a nice Exercise. Finally, he will in four years for the first time to choose.”

The Oma provides the Motto for the choice of Wife, 2019

will comes from a CVP-family, her father was a cantonal Parliament in the Canton of Aargau. Would you pain it, if the CVP would lose shares? Will realizes where the question is aimed. “Clever Attempt. You could ask me Yes just as much to the SVP or to the FDP or any other party,” she replies. “As the SRF-political moderator, I don’t voice my opinion to my party’s political stance.”

After all, she talks about her deceased grandmother, she dedicated four years ago, those media price you received for the then party election broadcast. “My wise grandmother had already as a Teenager, after the early death of her mother to her ten younger siblings, and would have gone longer to school,” the SRF news woman. “You always said: “you women of today have to use your freedoms. Makes something out of it.” This Motto would fit perfectly to a woman’s choice of the year 2019.”

heads remember, a salad to be delivered and no trailer have. Everything is not easy. Which politicians are particularly crack difficult? “Certainly, those trained to give a lot of Interviews and their positions mantra moderately to repeat, without question,” she says after a brief consideration. “It is my task here to check it out.” Since I have moved but a little: Nowadays, politicians would tend to be more critical issues that you see abroad.

“Journalistic craft”

Nevertheless, it Is sometimes difficult to stay neutral? Will put it this way: “I prefer to speak of appropriate. Behind the unwieldy concept of something as Simple is” says you. “In an Interview a Person from the policy represents your opinion,” she says. “I’ll take each of the critical questions is a counter-position, so that the audience can hear arguments from different sides and opinions can form. This is a journalistic craft.”

at midnight, runs will to the finish. Price exhausted probably, but again, suspicious. Any other would be ripe for the island. But she says: “The week after the election broadcast is filled, I am also in the “10 before 10″-service. Swiss mountains and skiing come later in the year.”

Susanne Willes strict the Tag

7 a.m.: get Up, race/sports

8 p.m.: last preparations. Output layers in the cantons of study

9 p.m.: mask

10 a.m.: in-line testing and technical samples

12 PM: Start a live broadcast with highlights 16/18/20 clock, high bills, and elephant round

24 hours: a transmitting circuit, after midnight team meeting, Debriefing and conclusion