the Frenchwoman hélène Lefebvre at the age of 106 years was able to recover from coronavirus. It is reported by TASS, citing local media.

Lefevre coronavirus was diagnosed on April 15, the doctors at the nursing home, which is home to 200 residents and 160 staff. She had a high fever and extreme weakness. Now Lefevre is of sound mind and feels fine.

Lefebvre was born a few days before the outbreak of the First world war. She was five years old, when the world erupted, a flu pandemic-the Spanish flu that killed in the world, according to various estimates, from 20 to 50 million people. During the Second world war she, along with her mother on foot left the occupied zone of France.

30 APR the world health organization (who) told about the risks of re-infection with coronavirus. The person whose organism has developed immunity to coronavirus infection can be infected again — the presence of antibodies does not mean security.