you know best how it is to company: The financial heads. Because the Treasury masters have insight into all the coffers, what goes out and what comes in, flows the Overview of the money. And are degenerate in times of Corona to the thin rivulets.

Neither the Euro crisis nor the Swiss franc shock, the CFOs about the economic Outlook were as negative as today, said the consulting firm Deloitte, in its semi-annual CFO survey.

survey after Lockdown

The surveys show for almost two years, a cooling off, now it came to a downright crash. So 97 percent of the after mid-March, and Finance Directors surveyed expect a negative development of the economy over the next 12 months and 41 per cent of them even with a strong negative dynamics.

in Addition, two-thirds (67%) see a negative financial development of your business, and only 15 percent positive. In fact, 93 percent consider the future of your company as less rosy than three months ago.

And more than three-quarters (78%) expect a decline in sales, more than half (52%) with a Fall in headcount year-on-year.

digitisation thrust, expected

the majority of Swiss CFOs of the crisis encountered, however, as the survey shows. So 91 percent of the companies have taken the weakness of measures to curb growth – the most cost savings and revenue generation were mentioned.

And the really successful companies deal with the aftermath of the crisis, says Alessandro Miolo, responsible for the CFO program at Deloitte. “You examine possible purchases or sales of companies, and implement necessary internal changes in a targeted manner. I reckon with a big digitisation push as a result of the corona crisis,” Miolo. (SDA/koh)