50 percent of the voting citizens, want on 19. May “determine” a ‘ Yes ‘ to the new weapons law inserting, 16 per cent are “rather for” the aggravation. This two-third approval for the implementation of the EU weapons Directive, shows the first wave of the trend survey by GFS.Bern, on behalf of the SRG. The error range in the plus/minus 2.9 percent.

Against the new weapons law of languages in the survey between the age of 25. March and 4. April has been performed for nearly 6000 people, only 33 per cent. Convinced of the Referendum against the tightening of the arms on the right, the SVP-voters are. A draw, however, was only one percent of the respondents.

Young SVP now wants to “debunk bullshit”

seem to be The opinions made. These results are more than a shot across the bow to opponents of the weapons to the right. Your reactions sound as appropriately contrite. So the one from Stefan Stein (57), President of the Swiss officers ‘ Association (SOG): “We take the survey results to the knowledge and understanding for the Schengen Argument, the begins to attack apparently.” Jean-Luc Addor (54), Valais SVP national councillor and President of the gun lobby, Pro Tell, said: “I doubt very much that there is only one per cent of the Undecided. In any case, the experience shows that it is worthwhile, campaigns to the end.”

Until the last shot, Benjamin Fischer (28), President of the young SVP wants to fight. “Our electorate we have achieved. But now it comes to Protect and to mobilize all Concerned.” In addition, they wanted the supporters up machine showed professionalism – a ‘ no ‘ to the arms means right to the end of the Schengen-Dublin Treaty, “as the bullshit to expose that he is,” says Fischer. The EU has no interest in termination of the contract, and Switzerland will never pull the plug on it, as is now claimed (a VIEW reported).

the same Horn Luca Filippini (50), President of the Swiss shooting sports Association pushes: “We are not going to convince the majority of voters that the Schengen acquis is in danger and that we need secondly, there is no useless weapons.”

supporters remain gun at the foot of

On the other hand, the supporters of the arms to the right gun at the foot of stay, such as Josef Dittli (FDP, 62), President of the stand ätlichen safety Commission, emphasized. His satisfaction about the success of the Pro-campaign, he can’t hide anyway: “It can’t be that because of a few administrative adjustments to the weapons to the right of the whereabouts of Switzerland in the Schengen-Dublin-composite. This is obviously understood.”

Also recommends the SP, would rather have had an even sharper weapons act, because of the Schengen-Dublin Treaty to their electorate, but Yes, easier. “We must, however, to at 19. May for a fight, for improved arms controls and limitations of the weapons acquisition to protect life”, SP-security, politician, Priska Seiler count (ZH, 50).