As the wayward Shading action of Credit Suisse on 22. September blew up, wanted to say the big Bank, nothing. The Credit Suisse published only in brief that it had initiated an external investigation. Otherwise, Silence.

But the CS communication referred to the media on the involved detective Agency and gave on Monday, 23. September individual journalists the names and a Memo of the involved company, Investigo in Otelfingen ZH, out. The order for the shading had the CS, the detective reasons, not directly, but from the Secrecy about the means of man S given T.* – this took a day in the life.

“We do not expect that you will communicate the name of our company”

Previously the Bank had ordered at Investigo the Memo described the process of the Observation of Iqbal Khan. In order, apparently, to demonstrate that the shading was legal.

What is learned in the media: Investigo noted in the last section of the memo to the CS that you don’t assume that the Bank gives the name of the company, as well as the Details of the order. This research of the “day indicator”, the entire Memo is show.

In the last section of the E-Mails wrote Investigo: “We do not expect that you will communicate the name of our company, as well as the Details of the order and to the order of exercise.” And further: “a single, coordinated communication, we kindly ask you to inform us about the next steps that you plan in advance.”

Fatal consequences for Investigo

However, this Discretion has not kept the Credit Suisse apparently. The media, of the VIEWS, called Investigo, because the communication of the CS-based.

According to the lawyer of Investigo, Thomas Fingerhuth, was surprised Investigo completely. “It came out of the blue. There was no consultation,” says lawyer Fingerhuth. The CS disobeyed the note on confidentiality and anonymity.

for example, in a very discrete sector company Investigo fatal consequences: “The attribution was for the owner of the private detective Agency was a total shock. The company is ruined.”

The big Bank did not want to speak against the VIEWS of the allegations. (gnc)