Surrogate motherhood: what worries?

How relevant is the issue of surrogate motherhood in the United States at the moment?

Brian brown: first you need to understand the historical context of the legalization of surrogate motherhood. This decision was made rather quickly, simultaneously, without any discussions on the subject. And only now people started to think whether this is ethical? Not whether we use the female body, the female uterus as some vessels that are carrying other people’s children? Overall, the use of surrogate motherhood is wrong in relation to the women themselves. In this respect, other countries are in a much better position: the prohibition of surrogacy will take much less time than we have. In the US, the legalization of surrogate motherhood happened for a long time and quickly, so the ban could take quite a while.

Often in our day to American couples turning to surrogacy services?

Brian brown: actually, Yes. This is because the ethical implications of surrogate motherhood never really discussed. And this led to the fact that many couples do not even think about the other side of the surrogate motherhood, the mothers. American couple, unable to have children, I think that is totally normal, so often resort to it.

Surrogate motherhood in Russia is cheaper than in the U.S.

are There in the US any laws governing the provision on surrogacy?

Brian brown: In our country there is a certain regulation of surrogate motherhood, but, again, it is not on that level where it should be. The problem lies in the fact that the US did not exist any laws about surrogacy. In 70-e and 80-e years has been promoting it, because there was no absolutely no Federal laws. For example, even now, in Pennsylvania there is no regulation surrogacy. That is, surrogacy has not been formally legalized, it just never was banned. At the moment there is no Federal law governing surrogacy. In some States there are laws with regards to surrogacy, but they do not prohibit it, but rather limiting. But even this fact does not entail the reduction of requests for surrogacy. People just go to those States where use the services of surrogate mothers easier and cheaper. For example, in California or in Connecticut.

is There any organizations in which the surrogate mother can seek support and some assistance?

Photo: Photoxpress 40 years ago was born the first child from a surrogate mother

Brian brown: Yes. For example, women can contact our the world Congress of Families for help. It should be noted that for surrogate mothers, surrogacy becomes a monstrous commercial process. According to the numerous examples that we see today, women need some support and even protection. There are also such organizations as “Stop surrogacy now” (approx.ed. “Stop surrogacy now”). These groups educate people about human rights in General. They tell people that surrogacy degrades women’s human rights, that it should be banned. In my opinion, the people of the USA need to understand that this phenomenon is antifeminists, it is morally harmful for children born in this way, because often they do not know the mothers, to make them.

You mentioned feministische community. It is known that most women are against such exploitation of the body. What are the main arguments against surrogatogo of motherhood occur in such communities?

Brian brown: Any person who will attentively study a question of surrogate motherhood, will come to the fact that the situation is the following: couple unable to have children, signs a contract and pays the money. The thesis is the following: “You (the surrogate mother) will carry for 9 months baby, then we’ll just take him myself.” This use of the woman’s body as an incubator, which, again is not ethical in relation to the mother. The feminist community has divided opinions, just like any community: some refer to surrogate motherhood as a job, for which you must pay money. Despite this, we must make every effort to stop this humiliating treatment of the female body. In my opinion, the Church can make an invaluable contribution to addressing this issue. We must not forget that we also just pick up the child from vimosewa mother, not allowing any dialogue.

some Have the money, but there is no way to give birth, others – on the contrary… Photo: EPA

it is Known that the presence in the country permits surrogacy also opens other problems. Whether surrogate motherhood, class and material stratification of society?

Brian brown: Yes, of course, since in the first place, the service surrogate motherhood often is very expensive, especially in the West. On the one hand, you see very wealthy people who, for one reason or another are unable to bear a child. With the other women from poor class who need money to survive. The use of organisms based on the contract, where the alleged signer both are absolutely equal, is immoral. One side has money, the other does not, that is, from the outset, equality is not out of the question. Many couples specifically travel to poorer countries where people need money to cheaper and easier to use the services of surrogate mothers.

Patriarch Kirill said the practice of surrogate motherhood

All of the religious community refers negatively to questions about surrogate motherhood?

Brian brown: As a rule, the most striking opposition to surrogacy we meet the representatives of Catholicism and Orthodoxy. Of course, it is worth mentioning that the views of the representatives of the Protestant communities differ: here, we cannot clearly identify a single negative position. In my opinion, people who don’t believe in anything, are not aware fully of the danger, which is surrogacy.

Many religious denominations disagree about many things. How do you think differ the arguments of different religions regarding surrogacy?

Brian brown: I would point out that all the negative arguments for surrogate motherhood are not so much religious as humanistic. The ethical aspect of this problem implies that, regardless of faith, each person recognizes the sacredness of the human body. Thus, we all come to one point: even if you are an atheist, your arguments do not contradict the religious. Exploitation of the female body is invalid.

You, as the head of the world Congress of Families can share his attitude to surrogacy?

Brian brown: Our Congress in the first place, sees surrogacy as a process contradictory to the classical understanding of motherhood. The female body is not a commodity to be bought or sold. We also advocate that children have the right to know their parents and to be loved. Again, you don’t need to be a religious person to accept that kind of attitude both mothers and children – is unacceptable.

Despite this, at the moment there are specialized Agency responsible for the surrogate pregnancy. Do you know about the existence of Russian agencies that provide American couples the services of surrogate mothers?

Photo: iStock the Doctor told are selected as surrogate mothers and who orders children

Yes, I heard about this phenomenon. The problem is that in Russia is not prohibited surrogate motherhood. This causes the situation which I have already spoken. Many American couples go to Russia in order to use the services of surrogate mothers because it is easier than in their state. Moreover, in Russia surrogacy is usually much cheaper than in the States. Yes, in the Russian Federation, there are laws prohibiting same-sex couples to use the services of surrogate mothers. However, if you make simple mathematical calculations, services of Russian agencies is almost twice cheaper than the us. Thus, we get the answer to the question – American couples use the services of Russian surrogate mothers because it is easier.

Surrogacy entails negative consequences. What alternative solutions do you offer to couples unable to conceive and bear my own child?

the Reality is that at the moment we are seeing an incredible number of orphans, who would have been happy to find his family. Adoption is an excellent option if you want to have a baby, but can’t make their own for various medical reasons. This is the obvious solution, which is a very positive impact. I have a friend married couple, whichwho wanted a child but couldn’t conceive. They decided that this is the will of God, therefore they are completely dedicated his life to volunteer work. All solutions to the problem of childlessness takes each pair on their own, because the options are indeed many. Adoption of orphans from orphanages is the most excellent opportunity, which will entail an incredible happiness of both parents and the child.