Surfaced unknown details of the divorce Basharova

Marat Basharov, infamous for its rowdy antics in relation to wives, told me that he once had to pay a large amount in order to avoid serious consequences – say А

Drunk Basharov got on video

On air of TV program “the Secret to a million,” the actor told details about the divorce with Catherine Ancharovoj, which suffered from his fists.

Basharov did not deny that much hit his wife. Catherine needed medical help.

A few days later, according to Basharova, his former father-in-law demanded the return of 100 thousand euros, donated them to the wedding, and another 100 thousand for restoration of health Ancharovoj, including, for an operation for a broken nose.

I guess the most upsetting Basharova in this story is the fact that he did not at the time realized to take the father of battered women receipt. He paid the money – and the aggrieved party does not raise scandal.

Incidentally, another actor’s wife, Elizabeth Shevarkov, left him for a similar reason – Marat again allowed himself to dismiss his hands.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Shevarkov supported the actress Agatha muceniece, who accused her husband actor Paul Priluchnogo, which is bred, that he beat her.

Shevarkov advised muceniece to run because “the other person would not, I went through it and know.”