Green Party leader Omid Nouripour has promised more rapid arms deliveries from Germany to Ukraine. “I can promise you: The federal government is working on delivering more and faster.” He cites a lack of material and equipment as the reason for the delay.

Nouripour told the news portal t-online. He could “understand that this is not happening fast enough for the Ukrainians”. “It’s deeply frustrating that we simply don’t have enough material at the moment to help Ukraine sufficiently,” Nouripour said of the Bundeswehr’s equipment shortages. “It is intolerable that we are dependent on Brazil and Switzerland for cheetah ammunition. Or that we can’t supply enough multiple rocket launchers after all.”

The leader of the Greens was shocked by the current war in eastern Ukraine. “Russia is shelling towns and villages there all day long and completely indiscriminately, including residential areas. It’s no longer about conquering, it’s just about destroying.”

Nouripour continued: “We saw a lot of war crimes – that in Donbass is the current low point. And unfortunately, these are not the last atrocities that Putin could commit.”