Deutsche Welle you propose, military ships, or even cruise ships to Hospital-remodel ships in the German ports in the North sea and the Baltic sea and at anchor. How is this going to go?

Moritz Brake: Provided that you don’t have intensive care-Standards for the complete vessel in the eye, you can do the conversions well. Also in hospitals on Land, in the normal patient rooms, do not necessarily apply to other Standards, with regard to the breathing air. Of course, there are hygiene requirements for the cleaning. But on cruise ships as well as on Land. Are there any special requirements for the ventilation of operating rooms and intensive care units. That would be on cruise ships structurally connected with some effort, but doable. And it would be conceivable that, for example, the existing ship’s staff that meets up to the Intense activities in extreme of these tasks, cases, Yes, would be usable, if a Situation arises. You must first clearly define what should be able to afford these ships.

cruise line wants to offer parts of its fleet

Deutsche Welle – To-date information to be addressed these ideas in the US now, specifically…

Sebastian Bruns: The is a that the two of the U.S. Navy provided hospital ships, which are built on Tanker base, were now sent in the use – the a in the direction of New York on the East coast, the other in the direction of Los Angeles or Seattle on the West coast, beds to each 1,000 of the hospital, in addition to provide. And furthermore, Carnival Cruises, one of the largest providers of cruises in the USA wants to put a part of his fleet as an auxiliary hospital ships available.

Deutsche Welle : …and if in Germany and Europe, there is no shipping company is offering voluntary?

Moritz Brake: It would be in the international law of the sea for the German state, certainly not simply to a ship directly access the drives, for example, under the flag of Panama. The voluntary nature would certainly be the condition.

Sebastian Bruns: I would think so too. It does not exempt, of course, the realization that we, the Federal Republic of Germany or many other countries of the European Union, have failed, with a view to the social resilience, a Reserve. To have ships that are equipped, in the crises – and-conflict case, as the auxiliary Transporter, as auxiliary vessels, without the need of cumbersome to put on either the voluntariness or even confiscation and Requisition must aspire to. In times of the Cold war and in some other countries, in the UK, for example, was and is have been different. Since it has been given to this possibility is relatively easy in the voltage case, in the event of conflict with cruise ships and transport vessels in the Navy include, in order, then appropriate roles to perform. The Coronavirus-reporting of FOCUS Online on Facebook

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The historical example of the cruise ship Uganda, which was requisitioned in 1982 for the Falkland’s war, and within 60 hours of a ship of the line in a troop carrier and a hospital ship has been transformed.

“care would be better bars than in gyms”

Deutsche Welle In Germany are now built in capacities at country, for example, at the Berlin Tempelhof airport. What is the advantage of ship solutions have in comparison to these?

Moritz Brake: Such solutions in a gym, in an old airport, in the exhibition hall or on a cruise ship are especially useful for the majority of the cases. If it is epidemic, for example the Corona, then the people who do not have a direct technical ventilation would be repealed – and Yes, most of the cases – in a hospital well. These people get the oxygen bottles to the bed and do not require additional intensive medical care. While they are separated in the gym only by walls, would be such a supply on the cruise ship very much better, more comfortable, and to make it even safer. To supply the people with food which is prepared in the ship to the best of Standards, not somewhere by the Caterer delivered it needs to be, not somewhere in the temporaries will be prepared, but in a ship that is designed for the care of people, to the cleaning Standards will be ensured, and oxygen is provided, that would certainly be for the large number of cases that need care to make the ship better than in the gym. FOCUS-Online-action #corona care: Germany helps!

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Deutsche Welle And the seriously ill would! then fly in regular hospitals.

Moritz Brake: Exactly And this process would be also very good guarantees on such a converted cruise ship. Either which already has a helipad. Or you could Make reinforced such a relatively simple structurally retrofit to the structural, where swimming pools exist on the outside. Then you could ensure that, for example, by taking recourse to the ship’s hospital, which is equipped to good Standards, someone whose situation is deteriorating, is quickly brought there, ready for Transport is made and by helicopter very quickly in a special Institution. It would make sense that such a ship permanently for this role on hold: as a permanent hospital ship.

“naval power of Italy could

Deutsche Welle : Italy, Spain, but also countries such as Albania, Croatia or Greece support” have long coastlines, and the cruise ships there. What do you propose for these countries? What role can play the EU and Nato?

Sebastian Bruns: has The EU institution with the Center for Desease Management in Stockholm competent. I would see definitely, the EU has a responsibility, Nato’s role, I don’t see now. The naval forces of the respective countries could certainly play a role in building this capacity. Italy is a major Maritime power, has a larger Navy, which has certainly also opportunities to support the. But we should not make the mistake of making Nato a kind of gray’s technical assistance work.

Moritz Brake: Who would be the author of such a measure: If a ship is then organised via the EU, then you could put a Pool of people together, the fed also from the military sector. Currently a medic in the German Navy in Germany in the country in field hospitals are in use to help where you can, and civilian patients. A similar mechanism would also be conceivable, in order to bring physicians to the Navy of Germany or France on a hospital ship to Greece, if there is a crisis, for example, acts sharper than in Germany.

Dr. Sebastian Bruns is an expert on maritime security at the Institute for security policy at Kiel University (ISPK)

Moritz Brake is captain-Lieutenant and a PhD student at the Department of war Studies of Kings College, London.

author: Adelheid Feilcke In the PCP In the

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