It may well be, you do not know, Rui Pinto of the name.

So, do you know maybe instead the 31-year-old Portuguese attacker on the revelations, which have brought some of the world’s biggest sports stars and, not least, the clubs in trouble even.

And now one release by Rui Pinto, according to the New York Times might get even more to shake in kompressionsbukserne.

Let us take a little bit of background first, for Rui Pinto is the man who stands behind the so-called Football Leaks, which among other things revealed a voldtægtsanklage against Cristiano Ronaldo as well as, among others, the same Ronaldo and Lionel messi’s somewhat alternative approach to taxes.

It was also the Football Leaks, there with their revelations were sent to Manchester City in a two-year quarantine from the european tournaments.

this is Why the biggest stars are probably happy to hear that Rui Pinto after a year in police custody has now been sent home under house arrest.

The specific change, they live with maybe, but it is the reason for it, as they probably will be afraid to hear.

“If we get to a point where all the data is being used in Portugal, it will be a concern for those who are afraid to be held accountable,” says Rui, His lawyer William Bourdon to the New York Times.

The data, which William Bourdon refers to is the ten encrypted hard drives, which police found in his time arrested Rui Pinto in an apartment in Budapest.

And now considers, therefore, that the reason for that Rui Pinto has been moved from prison to a small apartment owned by the Portuguese police, is that he has given the police the codes for the ten hard drives.

It is this information, which may in turn can pull the rug from under some of football’s biggest stars.

If it happens, time will tell. First, Rui Pinto a trip to court. The trial is scheduled to take place this summer.