the Cashier English supermarket Morrisons started posting vulgar pictures in the network and rich. Reported by the Daily Mail.

In the store, 21-year-old Ellie Mae (Mae Ally) from Lancashire, earned £ 8.5 per hour (700 rubles). To secure a normal life, she also had to earn money as a Baker and often taking the night shift.

Two years ago she began to be photographed half-naked and post pictures on the platform OnlyFans, where the users get access to content for a fee. Soon she was among the most popular models of service, and her annual income amounted to 180 thousand pounds sterling (16 million rubles).

According to Mei, at the moment it enjoys even greater popularity, because it’s locked in quarantine men often spend their free time on such sites. “It’s kind of crazy. People are bored at home and we entertain them. The number of my subscribers jumped, every day I get offers of marriage,” shared the model.

a change of profession, English has gained a home with three bedrooms. By the end of 2020, it expects to earn 200 thousand pounds (18 million rubles).

In February it became known about the waitress, which began to spread in social networks photos of their feet and became a millionaire. The girl was placed on the platform pictures, which she was depicted entirely naked, or footage from his feet. “The first year I made 250 thousand pounds (20.5 million rubles), and now I get to 30 thousand (two million) every month,” she said.