Since Tuesday morning there has been a nationwide disruption in the processing of card payments. Some supermarkets, retailers and discounters are affected. The manufacturer spoke for the first time on Thursday.

As several retailers report on social networks, customers in many places cannot currently pay with EC or bank cards. Credit cards are also affected. According to information from FOCUS Online, branches of Netto Marken-Discount, Edeka and individual Rewe branches are particularly affected. But there are also isolated problems with card payments at Aldi Nord, Rossmann and dm as well as smaller, independent retailers. The widespread H5000 card payment terminal from the manufacturer Verifone is affected.

There are also some problems at bakeries and petrol stations, and some ATMs do not work either. The faults had not been resolved as of Friday morning. It is currently unclear how long they will last. Thousands of devices are still affected. “According to the current status, it will be necessary to install new software updates on all H5000 terminals, which the manufacturer will provide as soon as possible,” said the payment service provider Payone.

“The disruptions continue,” said a spokesman for the financial service provider Concardis on Thursday afternoon. “We are still waiting for signals from Verifone.”

The first signal came in the course of Thursday. The US company announced a solution. “We will shortly provide a software update for our customers to fix the problem and will inform our customers as soon as this is available,” said a spokesman for Verifone Germany. According to the information, the terminal type H5000 is mainly used in Germany. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to resolve the issue with the highest priority.

Manufacturers had confirmed the first failures on Wednesday afternoon. “Like other network operators, we are currently experiencing significant nationwide restrictions in the processing of transactions with H5000 card payment terminals from the manufacturer Verifone,” Payone said on Wednesday provided software.

The Federal Association of German Banks, representing the German banking industry, made it clear that the terminals in question are completely unavailable for all payment types, but that the corresponding type only accounts for a small proportion of all devices used in Germany. “Network operators and technical service providers are working intensively on troubleshooting,” it said.

The financial service provider Concardis also confirmed the problem with the terminal type. However, a company spokesman made it clear that affected dealers should not restart the devices themselves. The devices should also remain connected to the power supply and network. This is the only way the manufacturer can solve the problem. Payone and Concardis also stated that they were in contact with Verifone and were working on solving the problem.

The problem first appeared on Tuesday morning. The retail chain Konsum from Dresden reported on Facebook “Attention, an important note for you! Due to a Germany-wide disruption, card payment is currently not possible in our stores.”

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FOCUS Online advises: If you don’t have any cash with you and want to shop, clarify in advance at the checkout whether card payments are possible or not. You save yourself long queues and trouble. Be sure to pay attention to notices at the entrance, to announcements and information signs in the supermarket. Gas stations attach stickers and signs directly to the pumps in the event of device failures.

If card payment is not possible and you do not have cash with you, you must leave the purchases where they are. At the petrol stations, ID cards, driver’s licenses and health insurance cards are retained as a deposit. In some cases, even the police get involved.

As early as Tuesday afternoon, the “Alle” page from the card provider Visa and various banks recorded an increased number of fault reports. These come from numerous places in Germany.

The messages are mainly given when paying, users seem to be able to withdraw money from machines. This means that affected customers would at least not be completely cut off from access to money.

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