Sequent is called the Start-up of train, the Swiss watchmaking art and the digital age together. Already the first Version of the Smartwatch Supercharger excited large attention. With a price of 700 Swiss francs and more, but she was not affordable for everyone.

This is for the Supercharger 2 to be different. Will cost you in the Store later around 300 francs. Already now it is possible to you on Kickstarter to pre-order – prices start at less than 200 francs. The campaign expires tonight and is very successful: more Than 1600 watches was able to sell the Swiss company already, instead of the expected 49’000 CHF 450’000 Swiss francs were taken.

The Gadget Fans from all over the world and especially delighted the main function of the Supercharger 2: The smart watch itself supplies the battery with electricity, and runs indefinitely without the need to download.

By hand movement, the watch is loaded

this works The same as a classic automatic watch, which was significantly influenced by Swiss watch companies such as Rolex or Eterna. The natural hand movement of the wearer creates kinetic energy. This is used on the gears to drive the clock or, as in the case of the Supercharger 2, an electric Generator in the mini format.

The generated electricity is stored and will be sufficient according to the Sequent good to operate the clock, so to speak, infinitely long. For comparison, Other Hybrid Smartwatches are creating about a year.

What is the clock now? It is a pity that in the cheaper Version compared to the first Generation of the notification function is not installed. It is thinner and slimmer.

Swiss Watch can even record the pulse

Primarily, the Supercharger 2 is, therefore, a Tracker that measures steps and the data via Bluetooth to the iPhone or an Android phone transmits. There you can put together in a special App, a private training program daily Fitness. In the case of sports such as Jogging, this is tracked with GPS data.

On the watch itself, a special pointer in the middle indicates how much has been completed from the daily training program already. A special Version has even installed an additional pulse sensor.

The watch is also to a depth of 50 meters waterproof and has a Five-year warranty – as good Swiss watch. There are nine different housing options to choose from. Different bands, including a textile braid, which is made of plastic bottles fished out of the ocean.