The 41. Super10Kampf the sports aid (SRF1, 20.10) will be held under the Motto “Winter Games” is completely on ice. Everything in terms of the ice hockey world championship in Switzerland in may. More than 12 ‘000 spectators will fill the stadium. “This is the next, huge Party,” said Ex-Pro NHL player Mark Streit.

the referee for the third Time, Ex-Cycling Pro Franco Marvulli. He looks back to the last year. “Me 6000 people booed, because I had to disqualify two Teams. Sometimes the athletes are like children – they irritate, how far you can go.” This time Marvulli will be spared, there are no whistles.

for the First time a ski jumper Killian Peier is. In contrast to his world Cup Bronze flight, he risked this time, not the head and the collar. “I had to be careful on the ice can always go wrong. But it is and remains a giant of Fun.”

For Ski-Crack Corinne Suter is the Super10Kampf a Premiere. Especially in the case of the sleigh ride on the Eisrampe your does not seem to be quite comfortable. She needed more courage than in the case of a departure? “No, then,” said Suter, laughing, “but it was a pretty adventure!”

king is also in the hall stadium in the honor of: Christian Stucki. The vibration-colossus (“as a child, I was in Lyss, often at the rink”) proposes, in spite of 1.98 meters and 140 pounds, also a mirror smooth substrate, wacker. The only Problem he has: “On the sled I felt 10 feet tall. My head is extreme.” Nevertheless, Stucki is a better figure than Sprint ACE Alex Wilson. Stucki: “Alex said he wanted to put me in the Swing one day on the back. This is a challenge I suppose!”

The world Cup-third Stefan Küng is for the second Time. The professional cyclist, is also on skates the top. “In Kanti I had professional Hockey. Nevertheless, he POPs in the game “Pögg” violently on the ice. Ouch! Shortly thereafter, in the case of “Short Track” rehabilitated himself. “A real Fight, man against man, that was Fun!”