the most Important information to “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” platforms Switch – Release 07.12.2018 (Switzerland) price 89.90 Swiss francs (Switch) in the case of age from the age of 12 Overview: Wherefore, in “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

Actually, Nintendo is known for family friendly games with a minimum content of violence to publish. But every few years the many characters from the Nintendo universe, want to beat the shit out of each other and to kick from different arenas get. On 7. December is that time again. In addition to the well-known battles between the players Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a comprehensive single-player mode. You must not switch to only new characters, but more than 1200 spirits gather, which support the hero in battle.

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Gameplay: plays “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

In the Solo campaign, Kyra is kidnapped, an all-devouring essence of light, the Nintendo characters from their world. It solves all the heroes, and produced bad images of them. Only Kirby survived the procedure, without prejudice to and is on the way, the victim change back. The cute creature on a 2D map moves on predetermined paths, where it comes to Fight in regular intervals at the locations signed. You defeated one of the evil heroes, you can bring it immediately instead of Kirby. And not only in the Solo campaigns, but in all modes of the game. There are a total of whopping 75 playable characters, after the Start of the game at 7. December 2018 to five more.

in addition to the hijacked hero you can find in addition, 1200 spirits, based on the game characters of the entire Japanese video game culture. Of a master spirit, and several Subgeister for the current fighters equip. While the former General properties such as the strength of the attacks change, have second more specific features that fit their skills in the original game. So Hal Emmerich from the “Metal Gear Solid, for example, grants”series stronger attacks with energy swords, while E. Honda is from “Street Fighter” is particularly strong, to throw his opponent through the arenas.

In Solo mode, there are other special features. A Arena is based, for example, of the great, but unsuccessful horror series “Project Zero”, in which the protagonist-spirits fought with your photo camera. In the matching environment in “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” must Dodge the player in the middle of the fight, the displayed focus of the camera, since it is weakened or shortly thereafter the following flash solid and so much easier out of the Arena will be kicked.

For each won battle, as a reward, the so-called adventure-gifts, the spending for various talents in the knowledge tree. So, you increase special attack types. Or Smash maneuver heal the heroes. Alternatively, the resistance against enemy storm attacks increases, for example. In addition, the main spirits on the rise in the Level. This happens so quickly that already after a short time the first the reached to a Maximum Level of 100. This is also necessary because in the Solo campaign, the difficulty level rises pretty quickly. However, since the own hero, thanks to the knowledge tree is noticeably stronger, is it worth, received the gifts to always invest immediately.

Who wants to switch in addition to the Einzespieler adventure more companion free, can make the spirits of the panel. Here there are ten ghosts with various levels of difficulty to choose from, you can add to a victory in the duel immediately of one’s own army. You lose, however, you have to wait until they appear the next Time. The available spirits to be replaced every ten minutes.


Even for single-player Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is “” a true extent monsters. With an extensive history, including refined fighting and 1200 unlockable ghosts are likely to be employed, players that want everything to be completely free, over a period of months. Also, a total of 75 characters, 103 different arenas and 800 pieces of music to show that the developers take no compromises here. Together with the tried-and-tested Gameplay and the amazing graphics available to us with “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” on 7. December is an absolute Highlight in the house.