although He is only 22 years old, but Gianluca Gaudino has experienced in his professional football career a lot. Not only successes such as the last of the championship with the Young Boys. The low points of his young career have shaped him. And you have contributed to the fact that he can say in an Interview with “sport Bild” totally relaxed: “wherever a door closes, somewhere a also goes on again.” He speaks from experience.

Talent titled Once at Bayern as a Mega, takes his career a turn after the other. The German giants, he is balanced between the sky-high euphoric and sorrowful to the point of death. In 2014, the then coach Pep Guardiola promoted him. Gaudino is showered with praise: “I just had Fun and thought: “Wow, cool! A week ago, still at the U19 and suddenly you’re not in a Team with all the Top Stars-I can’t even”.”

in his mind’s eye Gaudino conducted already in the Bayern midfield, but the reality is that bend in a brutal between the two. “I fell in a hole. I was physically and mentally not yet on the Level that I needed to get me in the Bayern professionals biting firmly and enforce,” he explains.

“Makes all of this even make sense?”

In the summer of 2017 and he leaves after one and a half years on loan at St. Gallen, Munich and tried his luck in Italy at Chievo Verona. Back on track, back into the spotlight? On the contrary, A severe inflammation of the lungs throws Gaudino even more off track. After a year, he dissolved his contract. Suddenly the career is in danger. “I wanted to make more, because I’ve noticed that I lose the Fun of football. To feel this was the worst for me.”

Gaudino is sinking in the swamp of self-doubt. He plays with the thought to hang up his football boots on the nail. “Since the idea came up, of course: it all still make sense? I was so offended by me, to have these thoughts.”

In the case of YB Gaudino device into raptures

But Gaudino is not so easy to get to. In November, 2018, he gets the Chance, the second team of Borussia Mönchengladbach fitzuhalten. Self-confidence grows, the desire for football to return. And so, YB is aware of him. On 8. January 2019 he signs a contract until 2021.

Gaudino says: “I’m incredibly happy that I can be in the case of YB. Here is a very familiar atmosphere, the team spirit is great, so I feel super comfortable.”

as of Saturday, he takes on the new season in attack. The aim of the third Berner title in the series. Gaudino says: “You must never tell or even believe that you failed.” The words of a fighter. He will live on next season as he makes it his whole career. (tell)

20 PM: Sion – Basel

19 Uhr: St. Gallen – Luzern
19 PM: Thun – Xamax

16 at: YB – Servette
16 at: Zurich – Lugano

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