Get more from the cabin, you wonder, as the new Xamax Coach Joël Magnin (48), shortly after 10 a.m. for the first Time in his whistle blowing. The answer is: no! Xamax begins the new season with just ten (!) Players. On Thursday those who were against Aarau in this wonderful Barrage in the use of poking, then still, the veterans Nuzzolo, Gomes, Djuric, Di Nardo and Goalie Walthert.

Shortly before the first Training Xamax also announced the commitment of Dylan Dugourd (23) from Etoile Carouge, and Maren Haile-Selassie (20). The FCZ-Junior was recently loaned to Rapperswil.

Clearly well-known names, those players are leaving, the Xamax: from Kemal Ademi, whose move to FCB at the weekend, it was announced. Add to Serey die and Pululu, both of which were on loan from the FCB. Finally, the defender Sejmenovic (to Yverdon) and Oss (open to the future), and also loaned Charles Pickel (back to GC).

No future for the Xamax-veterans Tréand and Veloso have.

Xamax is playing with fire

“It will be a difficult season,” said President Christian Binggeli. The Budget is just like last season, to a maximum of 8.5 million, half of Which is intended for players and Staff. Large jumps can’t make the new sports Director Frédéric Page: “We want to bet on the players, who have been trained in Switzerland and the release will come free, or on loan to us.” And President Binggeli, there’s a clear mandate: “In the Transfers no error allowed us to run.”

For the new Coach Magnin, the obligation of a Central defender is top of the wish list. “And, of course, a replacement for Serey die in the defensive midfield”.

The risk of the former under-21 coach YB is received, is high: “I’m aware of That,” he says, “but you must dare in life sometimes.”

What makes him believe that Xamax, despite the mini-budget and cheap squad once again, the League work? “This club has done in the last few years, Great. If we have this spirit, this solidarity is maintained, then we can create the remaining in the Super League,” says Magnin. In the same breath he admits, however, that he had in-between sleepless nights, if he found himself in the squad of the other aspects of the Super League club to look at.