That Valon Behrami will not be able to play in Lugano, due to his still not quite healed ankle would be, was already in the middle of last week. Into the stadium he could have in his Ticino home, however, already to go. But he was not in Cornwall, saw the 1:0 win of FC Sion in front of the TV. What was going on there?

Now, he had hardly given Sunday to view the disarmingly honest and direct Interview, such that high waves hit – that was on Wednesday – he got a rash on the skin. “He had traveled to Lugano, because he can’t anyway play with. There, he ended up because of these rashes is now in the hospital,” says Christian Constantin. “And in the stadium he went because he wanted to scare the people no horror.”

an allergic reaction will be Presumed, which is why you have administered Behrami cortisone injection, so CC. “They have struck. He’s feeling better.” Once the Allergy had subsided, going to remove the Sion-Star blood, to come to the grounds to the bottom, so the Sion Boss more.

Also Fickentscher, and Fortune’s better

A rogue, who thinks now, the rashes are a reaction to the open Interview, in which Behrami also mercilessly with national team Coach Vladimir Petkovic settled…

Speaking of Lugano: Kevin Fickentscher, the brave hero in the 1:0 victory in the Canton of Ticino, it is better. His laceration was sewn up with six stitches. He is now bodiless train, and in the Cup in Allschwil against the inter-regional second division on Saturday spared. For him, Anton will play Mitryushkin.

And Yassin Fortune is on the mend. He has because of his slight brain the night in the hospital for a concussion spent in Lugano, is now back in the Valais. After two days of rest, he takes up the sporting activity, according to brain vibration log again. This looks after not quite a week to be fully cured, if the body does not generate any negative reactions to increasing activity.