After Dennis Hediger on Sunday in the Bernese Derby against YB after a fight in the 85. Game minute had to hurt to be replaced, is now the exact diagnosis.

The MRI examination in the hospital of Thun, confirmed on Monday to the suspicion of club doctor Dr. Rolf Hess directly after the game: The tuna-Captain, suffered a torn anterior Cruciate ligament and a tear of the inner bands and is expected to be out for around a year and a half.

The necessary Operation is carried out as soon as the knee is swollen, and the abrasions are healed. Hediger shows on the day after the accident, in a pragmatic way: “I looked at the scene again, and can make neither me nor my against player a reproach.”

And he gives, in the usual manner combative: “I am convinced that for me this break is the opportunity for me mentally, to develop physically and football, so I can be stronger than ever, return.”