Thorsten Fink sits in the train. The Ex-GC coaches attended a sportsman Gala in Vienna. About a month ago he was fired, his successor Tomislav Stipic way. Most of the time spends Fink in Munich, where his wife and children (12 and 13). “It’s nice to now have the family time that comes in the coaching Job is often too short.” In Zurich, lived Fink alone, in the case of GC, he is yet under contract.

Thorsten Fink: It hurts very much that everything came in. The people Stephan Anliker, Manuel Huber and Mathias Walther, I’m sorry. But I’m the last of the shows to someone – I’m not going to nachtreten and push anything on others. I, too, have made mistakes.

We have brought, for example, the one or the other, where you have to say, we have looked at ourselves better. Then, we were not able to guide players to build, to form an axis and the crew out of the Dirt. As I should have within the team, the Soft is better. The hierarchy has not voted. And we have never played Attacking football, for the I am.

It’s not easy, to be honest. And it was also a bit of bad luck, from the beginning. In the first game of the season against YB we play well, get at 0:0 is no Penalty, then Yellow-Red, and lose. As the two games after that and You’re in a Negative spiral… So it is in football.

Yes, that is my philosophy, to get me in front of the players and to always be positive. But clearly, if You say so and You’re in tenth, then you will take the sometime. But, I still have the feeling that we were on the way. But such a break takes time, which is not available at a club like GC, the record master. I know the business. And it also helped that we had financially. If the fronts are not cleared up, can You bring down a bad performance. It was like a bad thread through the Association. I have placed each team where you, the club wanted to have. Only in GC does not.

I don’t want to say. But I believe that the Changes we have made structurally, would in the medium term, avail. If all the people can work for two years, could have, would have you harvested the fruits. I am convinced that the squad is good enough to come under the Top 5 – but, it would have taken time. Now the GC starts again at Zero.

I’ve never met him. And as a coach, I focused fights me on the team and not on power. But of course, I’ve noticed that my colleagues were always thrown a spanner in the works. You want to anyone that there is always so many things to reach the Public. So no club in the world can have success.

It is clear that one is situated now in the club. And install you tried the new people now.

Positive. Whether as a man or as a coach. If one manages to save GC, then Uli. And even if he descends, he is right: He has led the FCZ of the Challenge League in the Europa League. This makes me also today still in a good GC-future hope.