Tranquillo Barnetta (34)

7. July 2002.
clubs : of St. Gallen, Leverkusen, Hannover, Schalke, Frankfurt, Philadelphia.
balance: 569 games, with 71 goals.
The script may be sorely maudlin have been. The people’s hero fights one last Time in front of the home Fans, who trusted him with a personal choreography. He meets and makes the stadium shake. His Team sweeps the masters of 4:1 from the square. And then he has a birthday, the 34. His family is stirred in the stands almost to tears. More Kitsch is not! And yet, there among the 13 957 Fans no, of Tranquillo Barnetta would not have indulged in such a scenario in the last home game as a professional. Two and half years ago, he returned after years in Hannover, Leverkusen, Schalke, Frankfurt and Philadelphia to the FCSG. And proved in the last meters of his career not only beneficial for modesty, but also technology and sophistication. Without his winning goals against GC or Sion, the aspens in the Barrage-the mess were in. All the more painful for you, that it is now called: Ciao, Quillo!

Alain Nef (37)

1. December 2001.
clubs: FCZ, YB, Piacenza,Triestina, Huelva, Udinese.
B ilanz: 579 games, 37 goals.
With Alain Nef is one of the biggest figures of identification of the FCZ-history finished their careers. He joined in 1998 as a 16-Year-old to the FCZ-young. His teammates were at the time, Urs Fischer, Marco Pascolo and Alhassane Keita. In 2006, Nef left the FCZ in the Luggage of a Cup race victory and a championship title. In the summer of 2013, he returned to his old love, repeated three Cupsiege. Nef is the epitome of fighting spirit, he ran last in spite of the knee pain. Next Saturday, he carries the last time the FCZ-Dress. The veteran should be adopted in the Letzigrund stand under. The managers are under time pressure – after all, the decision against an extension of the contract has fallen according to VIEW information only on Wednesday. Nef even had a season as a player. “I would have liked to have played one season more, and it was not easy to find the right time for my end of career”, – quotes the FCZ defenders in the media release.
It is intended that the Nef will take over the coming season at the FCZ tasks in the areas of Talent and team management.

Steve Von Bergen (35)

7. October 2000.
clubs : Xamax, Zurich, Hertha Berlin, Cesena, Genoa, Palermo, YB.
balance: 632 games, 2 goals.
The master-Captain of the ship. Steve von Bergen ended his career after the second YB-title. After the commitment of Fabian Lustenberger was clear that the mountains in the next season not only the first choice would have been. Because one of the young interior defender must always play. Water heater-clubs such as YB must put your talents into the light, to offer you on the market. But most of all: Of mountains and felt that his body would not survive the pollution. The way to the two titles began six years ago, when the Romand of Palermo goes to YB. It is the time, in the most veryoungboyst. With Adi Hütter and Christoph Spycher, everything changes. Bergen is the absolute fixed point of both, the square and next to it. Now he says Bye-bye, is YB but remain somehow. For the time being he acts as a national expert at the welschen TV.

Nelson Ferreira (36)

19. August 2001.
clubs : Thun, Luzern.
balance: 514 games, 64 goals.
When the word plate is the case career on a Swiss Pro, then to him: Nelson Ferreira. He came up with eight from Portugal to Switzerland. Played as a 19-Year-old in 3. League in Interlaken before him, Georges Brégy in 2001, sought to do in the national League B. Ferreiras players: a certain Marco Wölfli, but also his current coach Marc Schneider. Ferreira worked to 70 percent as a floor layer. After he had become accustomed to the higher rhythm, he was support to the Team. What follows is a fairy tale. In 2005, Ferreira against Arsenal achieved the balance to 1:1, and is the first of Thun in the Champions League scorer. After a trip to the FCL (2008-2012) he returns to tuna. With 436 matches in the highest League, he is a record player.

Claudio Lustenberger (32)

17. March 2004.
clubs : Kriens, Luzern.
balance: 474 games, 10 goals (Super League: 354/6).
Lucerne’s long-serving captain is leaving the bridge. According to creative, the farewell-choreography last Wednesday before the game against the FCZ. On a giant transparent Lustenberger is as a ship’s captain, pictured, in his hands the Ur-Lucerne holds the steering wheel. “Z Lozärn verankeret”, next to it written. Lustenberger, of the previously of the flowers of the FCL-responsible, is visibly moved. He puts a Hand on his chest and says into the stadium microphone: “Thank you, thank you. The is emotional. But next season we will see us again.” As a FCL-talent Manager. Since 2006, Lustenberger, who joined from Kriens to the FCL has successfully completed more than 400 games for Lucerne. A trophy, he was denied, but in 2012 he was runner-up. 2007 and 2012 he was in the Cup final.

Michael Wegmann, stv. Football chief

The clubs have a hard time with the identity. The majority of the players, the managers, the owners – all interchangeable. The Fans? Probably also. Money rules. Success is what counts. A full stadium helps anyone who sits in it, doesn’t matter. Sheikh, regardless of, for example, in the case of ManCity.

in Order to be nevertheless unique, trying to do it with Slogans such as “Mia san mia!” at Bayern Munich, or “Fino all fine” in Juventus. In truth, the same thing: A construct for Marketing, for advertising.

The best Argument for the favor and Affection of the population figures of identification are. Veterans. Dinosaurs. Players exemplify still a Fan of properties like club loyalty.

AS Roma didn’t need a Slogan, you had years of Francesco Totti. He has never played for another club. Lucerne Totti is Claudio Lustenberger (32), once a FCL is always FCL.

Lustenberger stop and at the same time other veterans. FC St. Gallen Tranquillo Barnetta (35), the Pride of the Eastern part of Switzerland hangs his boots on the nail. At FCZ, the former FCZ-Junior Alain Nef (37) will not get a new contract anymore. Nelson Ferreira (36) leaves the FC Thun, with whom he has already played in the 2005 Champions League. Steve von Bergen (35) leaves YB.

five Dinos say good-bye. Unfortunate for the Super League and a big loss for the club. They were for their clubs, the personalized “mia san mia” or “Fino all fine”.

The Disposals of Nef, Barnetta & co. will be able to compensate for the clubs hard. From next season the PR departments are going to have a lot more work.