“FCB-master builders is building the new hopper’s” headlines-VIEW on Monday exclusive. The new GC-Boss Stephan Rietiker get to the end of June, two external consultants on Board who know how a football club in Switzerland successfully. With President Bernhard Heusler, and his sporting Director, Georg Heitz, FC Basel brings to 2017, equal to 8 (!) Titles in the series.

Since then, Heusler and Heitz (with Ex-FCB-chief financial officer Stephan Werthmüller), the Consulting firm HWH, which supports, among other things, since the world Cup in Russia in 2018 also in the SFV.

What are the plans for GC?

instead of talking the currency of the two is Working.

Heitz must form, in consultation with the coach Uli Forte – immediately a powerful force. For the Challenge League, very likely. Goal: Immediate Re-Promotion! As quickly as possible is also a sports chief will come on Board.

Heitz know that a good Goalie and a solid defense is a prerequisite for success. But: In the case of GC haperts currently, especially in the Offensive.

The name Salatic and Cabanas

it is Clear that in the case of a New building immediately by the Name of Vero Salatic shows up. He was already to 2013 Fortes extended Arm at GC. The now 33-year-old midfielder becomes acidified in Russia, has played for FK Ufa since the beginning of December, not even for a second. But Heitz is registered, that Salatics finish after losing a power struggle with coach Michael Skibbe has left its mark.

Ex-FCB-President Heusler will make as a business lawyer for GC especially on the search for a CEO and Board members with football expertise. GC-ownership of Ricardo Cabanas (40), has just completed his studies, is a valabler candidate for a Board seat. Because Boss Rietiker want more GC-DNA at the club. Other candidates: Ex-GC-Trainer Christian Gross (64) and Goalie Pascal Zuberbühler (48).

Dr. Rietiker, PhD doctor, addiction, meanwhile, is in the GC basement for bodies. I bet he will find it?