The grey GC-Eminence Erich Vogel (80) remembers, as if it were yesterday: “I was ten years old and sat with my father on the hard tower stands. Fredy Bickel missed a Penalty against Locarno’s Goalie Visintin.”

GC, 70 years ago, 13-time champion, goes down to a 1:1 at home against Locarno for the first time, and up to now, for the only Time in his club’s history. Bird, and later a player, coach, Manager, Vice-President and consultant of GC: “I was crying in the stands.”

The fateful game is rising on 12. June 1949. In the morning edition of the NZZ is the next day: “A thunderstorm sultry atmosphere in the real sense of the word, weighed on the Playground of the Hardturm stadium, which was populated by over 8000 spectators. For the reputierte crew of the space club, which is located in the first fight (then played FC Zurich, Red.) to measure with Locarno had, it was “actually the sausage” , so we assume a formulation of the program attachment.”

Further on, the chronicler writes: “On the place, but especially also in the stands, the excitement grew by the Minute. The irregularities became more frequent. A in the penalty of Quinche foul foul pass unpunished was the referee. As of the same Grasshopper-player, by the way, competed with a bandaged Head in the second half, it was once illegal in almost the same place, had the Penalty of imprisonment not more deal. However, just at this moment, as it went for the Grasshoppers, so to speak, to everything, and failed, the deception Bickel’s work; an idea to be a little sharp in the corner shot penalty ball Visintin brilliantly blocked and also the margin.”

“Normally, he’s not a shot under the crossbar”

Alfred “Fredy” Bickel (†1999) was anyone. 21 years old players in GC. 7 Title, 8 Cupsiege. 415 Games, 212 Goals. 71 Games, 15 Goals. 1938 and 1950 world Cup participants Switzerland. Erich Vogel says: “Normally, Bickel shot the Ball under the crossbar. But at the last Moment, he made the foot, shot from his point of view in the right angle.” Today is (almost) inconceivable: a light form of the Bickel does not change after the descent of the club. After two years in the national League B, the Zurich with Bickel 1951 the rise again. And get in the very first season in the upper house, usually the title and the Cup race victory.

Bickel trained at this time, by the way, first of all, the C-juniors of GC, and later the B – and A-juniors. And always in Junior Erich Vogel. In 1995 and 1996, sits Bickel with his wife Rösli on the hard tower grandstand, as the GC (with head of sports, bird) as the first Swiss club twice in the Champions League plays. Now will repeat the history. The second descent since 1949, has bird his heart club been a long time in advance.

In a Sunday-the view-Interview a year ago, the bird answered the question “If you had actually had Power in the case of GC, what would you have changed?”

“Anliker said he’d resign – GC is under his Leadership in disarray. Perego would never have been the responsible for sports in the Board of Directors elected. His football knowledge rich just for an Amateur club. Walther should never have been eight Transfers in the last summer run. The sky is sad results have their origin, not least in the many transfer flops in recent years.” A unsparing analysis with foresight. A year later, Perego and Walther are all gone, Anliker as President. The hallway of the damage they have done, but it is too big. The second descent will no longer be preventing a miracle excluded.

70 years after the GC is back to where it was in 1949.