It’s been a long time since the Valais were the last time the Leader of the Super League. White because President Christian Constantin yet when exactly this was? “But clear. In 2012, Sébastien Fournier, and with players Gennaro Gattuso.”

Sion is started at a furious pace in the championship. From the first game sitting on the throne. The first three games to win the Valais. After a 1:1 in the top fight against FC Basel with two more victories to follow. Even after the first defeat in the seventh round of the Valais are at the very top. Only after the second, a 0:3 in the Tourbillon against St. Gallen, you will lose the guide to the Eastern Switzerland. It is the in such cases, the usual theatre with the resignation of Fournier after only eight Games as a consequence.

new perspectives

And now the historical Chance of the throne seven years later, again to climb. Prerequisite: A victory today in new castle against Xamax. “But,” limits CC immediately, “that would be only for a day. On Sunday we would be the first place.” Unless, Sion wins with seven goals difference at Xamax. Then the Eleven of Stéphane Henchoz Leader would be, if YB and the FCB on Sunday to share the points.

Enough of a Gimmick. What is for the FC Sion in this season, now that CC has found in Seydou Doumbia the almost desperately wanted Skorer? “Now, wait a minute! It’s only been played six rounds. There is still going to happen quite a lot,” says CC. Only In the last few years, there was nothing more to this point in time for Sion to top most possible because it was already knee-deep in a relegation mud. That is a significant difference then! “Of course that’s true,” says CC. “We were the last few years, after a few rounds in the Shit.”

And 2019? That makes Doumbia the difference? A first sample he made in the Cupspiel in Aarau with the Winning goal just before the shot already. Way to play the Ivorians in new castle from the beginning? “That would be too early,” says CC. “His fitness level is still not where it should be. He is now established to continue and comes as a Joker. After the national team break in October, it should be enough for ninety minutes. And then he will shoot us quite a lot of goals.”

Beautiful perspectives in Sion.

at the end of March, as Stéphane Henchoz with the new burgers for the first time on a Non-relegation place, decides Xamax-President Binggeli, to extend the contract with his coach. Also the wonder in the Barrage against FC Aarau and the League holding Henchoz not help.

Today he returns as the Sion Coach to new castle. “Of course, this is a special game,” says Henchoz. “I know a lot of players.”

the new Burger Fans are very warm-hearted and also the Xamax players know that they would play without Henchoz in the Challenge League, pleased him. “But I’m now at Sion and wants to be successful.”
a Little less, he is looking forward to the reunion with Binggeli. The two go well out of the way. Henchoz says: “A hug will not.”