Already before the national team game against Ireland on Tuesday, the grass was in the Stade de Genève in a poor condition. The more dirty looks: The Servette-grass in a similar way, more of a mud than a football field, as an assistant coach Bojan Dimic photo on Twitter shows.

The reaction of Servettes defence patron Steve Rouiller on the Tweet? A GIF of a potato field. Ironically, determined, worried, however. After all, to be held here on Sunday, the home game against FC St. Gallen.

Possible? “Yes,” says Pierre-Yves Bovigny, SFV-responsible for the quality of the football pitches opposite the “Tribune de Genève”. “Although there is a lot of rain, I’m sure the place with good treatment for the kick-off will be in a relatively good condition”. Bovigny is familiar with the Geneva place, he lives right next to the stadium.

the vulnerability of The Servette-lawn come, therefore, that he was placed directly on the Sand. Because the Green die continuously, forming an organic, brownish mass, which comes to the fore, if the place is worn out, so Bovigny.

What looks like sludge, compost, in deed and in truth, more a kind of grass. This also explains why several national team players were on Tuesday unpleasant smell. “Some have told me that the place to Sh*** is that smell”, so Bovigny.

to fix the Problem, would have to be removed, this grass-compost a year using a special machine, which, however, at the Stade de Genève is technically impossible. And the lawn annually to be completely replaced, cost too much. Want to be called: In case of big stress and the rainy weather of the Geneva lawn will continue to look muddy and unpleasant smell. (dad)

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