No wonder Urs “Longo” schönberger (60) with White and Blue all his life connected. He wore a footballer, life long. From 1980 to 86, he defended for the FCZ, between 1987 and 94, he held for the FCL bone in his body. That his two Ex-Teams disastrous start, lets schönberger is not cold. “Go Blue-and-White bad, I suffer with!”

It’s not like that, he would have been before the start of the season euphoric. At the FCZ, with the in 1981 he became a master, he had the problems come to see, he says. “It’s a striker that hits are missing. Ceesay, it is not and the accurate Odey has been replaced with a striker from the fourth German League. Kramer guarantees you goals. How, too?” Is disappointed he is so far from Denis Popovic. The Slovenian, the Director would lead, not convinced. “A 29-year-old foreigner in such a Central Position must be dominant.” The FCZ-yield so far: 6 games, 5 points. “Whether the squad for the ambitious goal of the season Europe is enough? Rather not.”

Also”,” FCL (5 games, 4 points) must once again access to the transfer market, he says. “Otherwise, I see black. The FCL has won once, in St. Gallen with happy VAR-Opt. That’s not enough.” In both Zurich and Luzern would be nice to screw Berger in the squad and the coach continues to work. “I think neither Magnin still Häberli are responsible for the false start. But now results need to, otherwise the coach is gone sooner or later.” Pity he hadn’t. “It’s part of the Job. Who doesn’t know, is naive. And the are both safe.”

schöneberg, wrote 14 years ago as a tuna-Trainer is one of the most beautiful Champions-League-fairy tale, has with the coaching job even longer to complete. Since six years he works in the customer service Department at Carrosserie Scheiwiller, Zurich. He agreed appointments, picks up cars at customers, polished wheels and rims. Blue-and-White he bears always in the heart.