He’s come since the Beginning of October, only 80 minutes out of a possible 720, had to. in the meantime, even with the under-21s in the 1 League Classic ran. Valeriane “Vako” Gvilia, in January, of head of sports Remo Meyer for FCL fetched, it has currently laugh a little. He is otherwise placed always to Spässen, may hardly speak with the journalists, shakes you just wordlessly Hand.

Gvilia in the heart of Switzerland, was celebrated just a few months ago as a king’s transfer. Under coach Gerry Seoane the George on, was national player in the second round of last season’s big, made of Lucerne and finished the season at rank 3. Gvilia said then in the summer: “Switzerland is the best country in the world.”

The reality in Lucerne in looks now but in a different way. René Weiler has this season in the FCL line. Gvilia only plays the role of the reservists. The characters are on the eve of the opening of the winter transfer window to say goodbye.

What hamlet Problem with the attacking midfield player? “Basically, I want a dynamic, purposeful football,” explains the FCL-Coach. “Gvilia is more of the type that has a different play style. He prefers the Ball on the foot, he wants to give the Ball to his teammates more. But I like players who go forward with and without the Ball.”

Leaves Gvilia the FCL?

Not really promising words for the Georgians. Hamlet continues: “I want a football play that makes the players and the Fans joy. Gvilia has its Strengths. But he has, if he has the Ball on the foot.”

the hamlet explains that he only wants to work with players that do both offensively their work, as well as defensive. “Everything else there is for me.” A professional is not able to do that, ers difficult. Hamlet: “Such players there will be, in my opinion, in the future.”

That Gvilia is not with its role, should be clear. The quiet made the king transfer from Georgia, turned out to be in the last season is almost the darling of the public, in Winter, certainly his thoughts.