Humor is when you laugh despite it all!

Arijanet Muric, the second Goalie of Manchester City, posts in the social network, the-VIEW-history “GC fires five Trainer!”. And writes about it in blue letters: “Oh, now I know why I’ve never played.” A Laughing crying Smiley.

Five GC Trainer should preferably have, in the past, some juniors, and this money was accepted. GC has separated the end of last year of the five Trainers. Up to 30’000 Fr. should parents have paid, so that your offspring gets better odds on inserts.

His parents have never “lubricated”

in The meantime, 1.98 metres wide goalkeeper, Muric, who grew up in Schlieren, ZH, is, apparently, the child of honorable parents, who tried never to lubricate the GC-Junior coach””. Or the Talent of the Kosovars at that time been in Niederhasli ZH not detected.

three years Ago, changes Muric from the U18 to the Hopper on the island. In the EFL Cup this season is Muric five times in the case of ManCity, only last Sunday, when a 4:3 victory in the Final against Chelsea, he has to watch, although he celebrates in the two semi-final Games against Burton Albion (9:0 and 1:0) twice in a Shutout.