The onset of winter in Switzerland also calls for in football its price. Already in the Morning, snow falls in the city of Lucerne, including the swisspor arena will not be spared.

Shortly before noon, the FC posts the Lucerne is a picture of the home stadium. To see: a snowy lawn. A lot of Green is no longer visible. How the club communicates is performed in the afternoon at 15.00 at a place of inspection. Then, it is decided whether and how the duel will be held.

Now the League has been together with referee Sandro Schärer, that the game can not be carried out due to the conditions. An evacuation of the space is not possible, the game is cancelled. So that Thursday remains the Fans of the Super League today, only the encounter between Thun and Sion.

The game will be made up next Wednesday at 18.45. (red)