snow alert in the Swiss football. In the Super League to be cancelled at the weekend, the games in Lugano, St. Gallen and Lucerne. In the Challenge League to a lot of snow in the stages of Lausanne and Winterthur.

That you surrender in Lugano, Lausanne and Winti, is no Surprise. There is no grass exist heaters. In St. Gallen and Lucerne, however, very well, nevertheless, and in spite of the attempted manual clearing of the fields are unplayable. Has been booked by Fedayi San says in the tele club: “It was in Luzern in about an hour, the field covered with snow.”

Were turned on the heaters to late? To little high? The example of St. Gallen shows: no! In the Kybunpark you running for weeks, constant. The System is the same as in Lucerne, Bern, Zurich, Basel and at various places abroad installed.

27 km long tube system

About 25 cm below the lawn has been laid and a tube system with approximately 27 km in length. In it 17 flow’000 litres of thermal fluid which ensure that the soil temperature drops below 5 to 7 degrees Celsius. A frozen floor can be prevented. In addition, the lawn will not fall sleep in the winter and can continue to grow.

but a lawn heating can be turned like a stove plate, snow melting, heard the fairy tale in the category of winter. Especially if it’s like on the weekend in a relatively short period of time, a lot of snows. Too much heat in the bottom of the lawn, threatening also to burn, a temperature of more than approximately 9 degrees is detrimental to the grass roots. From a temperature of around minus 10 degrees, the turf-heating can also prevent a frozen ground.

The installation of a pitch heating system will cost around 1 million Swiss francs, a day of operation, about 1000 Swiss francs. Last Sion has equipped his Tourbillon later on. For future stages of buildings (e.g. Lugano) writes the League a heater is mandatory, provided there is no artificial turf will be laid.

– grass heating in the Super League

Kybunpark (St. Gallen) Yes

Letzigrund (FCZ, GC) Yes

Stade de Suisse (YB) Yes

St. Jakob-Park (Basel) Yes

Swissporarena (Luzern) Yes

Tourbillon (Sion) Yes

Maladière (Xamax): No.

Cornaredo (Lugano) no

the stockhorn Arena (tuna) no