The expectation at the FCZ is after the preparation, also in the case of coach Ludovic Magnin. With Nathan, Popovic, Mahi and Kramer, he got a new axis, with Alfons Higl the assistant coach, he’s always wanted.

“I am convinced that we have quality and we have made a step forward,” says Magnin, prior to the start of the season to VIEW. The 4:1 test victory against the Bundesliga team Leipzig makes the FCZ-Fans (and the Canepas) dream. “I want to play next season European. How do we achieve this, I don’t care,” said Ancillo Canepa before the season opener.

a false start for FCZ fact

And now it is! After only three match days of the FCZ stands with his back to the wall. After a 0:4-swatter at home against Lugano and a zero number in Luzern, the FC Zurich loses the game when the second-to-last-Sion 1:3. With a goal and a point in the FCZ is the end of the table. The false start is fact.

That the guest is determined the game in the Valais, at times even downright dominated and only for part of hair-raising own mistakes and loses, then the next day not more than a side note. Also that Sion-Trainer Stéphane Henchoz after the three points won says: “football is crazy sometimes.”

What sticks to the table and Totomat. And this dismisses Yes – not only in the Canton of Valais in Christian Constantin – the Trainer. How long Ludovic Magnin is allowed to lose, right?

Canepa wants good results

FCZ Boss Canepa is not to reach on Sunday for a LOOK. A Job guarantee even in the case of a descent, as he has stated them in the second round of last season his coach, despite the wind and poor results would be expected no more. Also a football romantics such as Canepa wants not only beautiful combinations, but also results.

From the next home games against Xamax and St. Gallen Magnin need the first three. He knows himself best. Because of the two-time German champion and longtime national player knows the mechanisms of the football business. On the question of whether the pressure on the coach is now too big, he said cool: “pressure many people, even in other Professions. A dismissal is part of our Jobs.”

touch it Because of the false starts now back to the concrete and the Ball to the front of the threshing, is out of the question. Recently Magnin in “day said-Anzeiger”: “I swore to myself: If the situation is critical, I go over the thing, according to my ideas. Sometime I fly out, I know that. But if I’m going to once discharged, I would like to be able to say: I failed with my own ideas.”

The Super League starts again! On the season, 2019/20, there’s some weighty and spicy with Changes in the League. How the new rules work, what are the Disposals and entries there were and when and what clubs there play in the big Super-League-Overview!