The Totomat decides the fate of a Coach, it means basically, in football. The white man also in Lucerne, where they lost with Thomas Häberli the last three League games. Five goals of the FCL has conceded and just one scored. Today, the intra-Swiss on the Barrage-place.

head of sports Remo Meyer remains behind. “After the first five Games, although we are not satisfied, we don’t fall into a hysteria. As always, we will sit together this week and everything is honestly and directly analyze it,” he says. Häberli, therefore, is not (yet) an issue.

“The fire has failed,”

Meyer knows what the problems are: “have lacked The fire and the necessary dynamics of the Team in many Games. In addition, some players could not retrieve their true performance yet.”

it is Fair to say that the Luzernern in Sion a performance increase compared to the games previously seen. The Meyer looks like this: “In Sion we encountered a slight improvement. This is certainly a positive. It doesn’t hide the fact that we are, our services are generally satisfied.”

FCL with red lantern in Nati-break?

Next Sunday the FCL receives the masters from Bern. Against YB Häberli want to, of course, points. Otherwise, it could even be that Luzern break with the Red lantern in the Nati -. The off-time comes the people in Switzerland but located. “We’ll have to work on the game in the international break hard and intense, to be able to our achievements as a team after the break, clear boost,” says Meyer. It is a lot of work.

still Comes gain? In the past games you missed in Lucerne, particularly a playmaker who can play the last Pass. Meyer will get a tenner? “The transfer window is still up at the 2. September open. If a possibility, we pack these certainly,” says the head of sports. It would be a balm for the soul of the FCL Fans.

as bad as currently, the FCL was not since the 2008/2009 season. At the time of the FCL brings under coach Ciriaco Sforza after five matches, just a point. At the end of Lucerne lands on the Barrage-place. Thanks to a 5:0 victory in the return game against Lugano (first leg 0:1) could be relieved of the descent at that time.