Stéphane Henchoz: Yes, the objective has changed as a result of our victory in the tuna and the defeat of GC. We want more. We want to reach place 8.

The results are a thing. But Zurich has a strong team. The FCZ is a big club with a big Budget. Two months ago, had we wanted to stand on 9th place. Zurich has certainly not dreamed to be on place 8. We already. You have pressure, you are the favorite. We have the Chance of a good result, you need to get a good result. The FCZ has played in this season’s Europa League. I think that is your claim.

We must not fall into euphoria. This leads to contentment, you think that it just goes so on. We need to bring in every game 110 per cent. Also in the Training. We are working very hard and focused. But we are still at rank 9. And that, unfortunately, is no guarantee that you will not descend.

The two are very important. Djuric with his personality, Raph with his gates, and templates. We must not whine and there can be no excuse. We have other players who can take on responsibility and goals can shoot.

to play.
This is a good thing. It means that we are solid and we can score goals.

the past is The past. I don’t think anymore. I focus on the last four games with Xamax.

we will see. I’m in the Moment, no thoughts.