It is in the year 2007, Georg Heitz (49) works in Zurich at the Fifa. And every two weeks he meets with Erich Vogel (80), gray GC-Eminence, for dinner.

There are hot discussions. And the bird quickly recognize the Talent of the former journalists. Dealing with people, analytical Thinking, the possible errors, the wait for a sport chief. Bird had check always lists what needs to meet a head of sports – for example, in front of the round to the square of the opponent to the turf.

So, the idea Matures in the bird that he wants to install Heitz 2008 as head of sports at record-breaking Champions (27 titles). “Yes, I probably would have gone to the GC,” said Heitz, 2016, “CH Media”. “Finally, it has manifested itself through the interviews with the bird, the desire to do something in the direction of sport-in-chief.”

And Bernhard Heusler, the “Sunday newspaper”: “bird pickelte around confirmed to Georg. He was of the opinion that George was a big head of sports Talent.”

Heitz: “You have to be honest: Erich Vogel has inspired us. No one is born a Journalist, lawyer or Manager. You have to learn. Bird had a lot of ideas on how to do that.”

Now Heitz with plant ten years later the new GC. Well possible that he is communicating in the Background with his Mentor Erich bird, how to make GC great again.