With 1:3 going to GC on Saturday against Luzern and remains on the end table. Players, coaches and the President of the club face then the angry Fans. It is a spies is to run the gauntlet.

In the expert round on the tele club on Sunday evening, the Hoppers get away but really your fat. Football pundit and Ex-Natitrainer Rolf Fringer says: “There is no lack anywhere, you don’t know where to start. Best a Chlapf would be – and then if Null, begin, with a new President, a new coach. I think that Thorsten Fink would be almost a relief.”

Andermatt and Bregy criticize

Ex-Hopper, Martin Andermatt, which was founded in 1990 with GC master, and today the Board of Directors of Hannover 96 sits, says: “One must ask whether sufficient expertise is available. We were proud of our colors, and did everything for the club. Today, GC has no philosophy and no more culture.”

Ex-Natispieler Georges Bregy looks black: “As the FCZ descent, he had with Ancillo Canepa a President who said that he’ll join the Gang in the Challenge League and the club in the Super League back wool. I don’t know if that would be for GC so easy. GC would have to strengthen the team also in the case of a descent.”

The Hoppers themselves cases also 36 hours after the disastrous performance against Luzern in Silence. After the game, and on Sunday wanted to from the club side, no one on the crisis in the Express.