the Petar Alexandrov

top scorer in 1995/96, 55 games for the FCL

“You need to hold on to Thomas Häberli. He is a young coach and still has not so much experience. Also head of sports Remo Meyer is still inexperienced. Therefore, you should give them time. Lately it is fashionable, that a coach needs to go, once it’s running. Since we need to have more patience. In Lucerne, some players left, some new came. The needs of the time. It is still not so bad. However, I find it a pity that Lucerne can lay no consistency. The effect on the audience figures. If one holds but on the Trainer, then you can bring constancy in. It is a pity that the stadium is never full. This needs to think about.”

Hanspeter “ Hansi Burri

master in 1989 and Cup winner of 1992, 198 games for the FCL

“The FCL has to hold on to coach Thomas Häberli. Anything else would make no sense. You brought him as a training coach – and he tried many of the young players forward. Remo Meyer is dragging the project Häberli through – otherwise, the head of sports was gone also. Häberli fits to Lucerne, he remains human. In addition, the question of whether there would be Alternatives for that. The Problem in Lucerne, the width of the squad is. As the main investor Bernhard Alpstaeg would have to open the wallet, so that you could get a bigger name. Lucerne is dreaming of such a player. Blessing Eleke had the right stuff, he is currently in but as a foreign body in the Team. Maybe that will change next week when the transfer window closes.”

Andy holder

in 62 games for the FCL

“I think a young, talented coach, you can give time. We have to wear in the Swiss football a great coach. I can’t understand. But since it comes to Financial. You can’t replace the whole team – so you will just change the coach. But this development raises questions. We have such a bad coach? The are trained all the top. But that is no guarantee for improvement, if you change the coach. I think the players are also responsible. You need to fight back and on the court win games. I would hope that you would give the coaches more time.”

Rolf Fringer

Former head of sports, players and coaches from Lucerne

“You have to hold on to coach Thomas Häberli. You had uncertainties during the transfer time. Only the departure of Christian Schneuwly, then the Theater, with the Blessing Eleke, since it has lost time. I believe, however, that Ibrahima Ndiaye was a good Transfer. If you can keep the Team together and the new players integrate, the FCL is cut off, similar to how last season.”

Thomas Häberli is the fourth coach that serves under the head of sports Remo Meyer. Four coaches in two years: Only Sion had at this time more changes on the side line.

In February, the FCL needs to put 1.25 million Swiss francs for the dismissal of René Weiler on the table. Meyers decision, which is now for him to the Problem. He dismisses also the hamlet of successor Häberli, he has made within a few months, for the second Time in the wrong Coach on the side line.

it is Possible that a Häberli-dismissal costs also Meyer the Job would be.

What you can blame Häberli? He must be harder. That is a Blessing Eleke may shake during a Team-talk of the Coach is constantly the head, without that there are consequences, speaks volumes.

However, the Trainer is Lucerne’s main problem. The squad is not competitive, not wide enough. Also, the area of responsibility falls in Meyers. Although he has committed to a Super-Keeper from Leipzig. However, if the FCL has to change when the score was 0:1 a defender for a striker, because he has no better options on the bench, would have a José Mourinho on the sidelines to be a Problem.

Meyer has to get up to the transfer deadline next week, with a different gain. His Trainer for the sake of – and himself. Häberli’s and Meyer’s fate are closely connected.