This game is still a classic, even if it is so explosive as before. There was a time when real in Basel and Zurich were on the court a lot more. Today, the game for the Fans is more controversial. Or, the white Brazilian Cabral, my, what’s it about?

As the classic no longer holds what it promises. This is mainly due to the FC Zürich, the breaks in the championship for years, much and disappointed. The FCB has finally become more stable, he liked me the least good.

no, I would not have believed the FCB part. It seems that Koller had found the wire to the players and understand his ideas. In addition, some players will be transformed. A Bua or a Stocker, for example, are full of self-confidence. Last season it seemed as Stocker would be afraid of the Ball.

… because I was scared in the stadium and I am whether the Zurich. I’ve seen lately not so weak opponent, such as the FCZ in the stadium. Zero passion, zero fight, who just so.

no. With the FCZ, nothing connects me. At the time, it didn’t fit, I was glad when the season was in order and I was allowed to return to Basel.

Well, it was difficult. I came into a Team full of great footballers. With Coarse, Jerkovic, Zappa, pince-nez, Wynton Rufer …

we had on the paper also. However, this was not a team, but single player and estranged. In addition, four coaches were this season on the sidelines. It man not fit simply.

no. The FCZ will fight back for sure, so an appearance like in the stadium can’t afford to Zurich at home at all. However, the FCB wins, he is simply better.

my name is Erni and was baptized Erni. If you do not know when the FCZ times, like I am, this shows that I am arrived even never properly.

a VIEW with ticks in the duel FCZ – FCB 16 at live.